Who we are

We are a charity and membership body of and for blind people and those with sight problems. We will be there for you, your family and all who help you when you need our support.

Our Patron

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been Patron of RNIB since her accession to the throne in 1952.  Her Majesty’s Patronage is deeply valued by RNIB

Our Board of Trustees

RNIB's Board of Trustees, our supreme decision-making authority, is responsible for taking major decisions affecting the organisation. This includes appointing RNIB's Chief Executive.

Our Chief Executive is Lesley-Anne Alexander CBE.

Our senior management team

RNIB's structure puts us in the best position possible to achieve our aim of ending the isolation of sight loss.

We have a Strategic Management Team, which is made up of the directors of our six groups. This team is working to achieve various parts of our overall strategy.

The team are:

  • Sally Harvey, Managing Director (RNIB Places)
  • Neil Heslop OBE, Managing Director (RNIB Solutions)
  • Fazilet Hadi, Group Director (RNIB Engagement)
  • Wanda Hamilton, Group Director (Fundraising)
  • Corinne Mills, Group Director (People)
  • Rohan Hewavisenti, Group Director (Resources)
  • Miriam Martin, Chief Executive (Action for Blind People).

Find out more about our Board of Trustees and our senior management team in how we are governed.

History of the RNIB

In 1868 Dr Armitage founded the British and Foreign Society for Improving Embossed Literature for the Blind. In 1902, the organisation was renamed the British and Foreign Blind Association and, after receiving a Royal Charter, it became the Royal National Institute for the Blind in 1953.

There has been one more name change since then, though, which is covered in the history of RNIB.

Frequently asked questions

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