Your current Key Campaigner action

Your latest Key Campaigner action is to ask your councillor to make sure that vision rehabilitation is there for people who need it.

Your first action of 2016 is a simple one, but extremely important. We've discovered some shocking information as part of our See, Plan and Provide campaign. Across England, a significant number of people with sight loss aren't being given the vision rehabilitation support they need to keep their independence.

No-one with sight loss should have to sit at home and put their lives on hold. If you agree, please spare a moment now to let your councillor know about the situation in your area. 

Want to get more involved?
Once you’ve emailed your councillor, you can make an even greater impact by contacting your local Healthwatch, or even by arranging a meeting with your councillor. You can find tips on how to do this in your Key Campaigner guide, along with more background information on the campaign, and some handy statistics on the situation in your area: