Accessible health information toolkit

Our campaign Losing Patients is all about empowering blind and partially sighted people to secure accessible information from the NHS.

Everyone who joins the Losing Patients campaign believes that print, not having a sight impairment, is the problem. We each have the right to manage our own health affairs with the same level of speed and privacy, whether we have a sight impairment or not.
(remember...campaigning on issues sometimes varies betweens countries in the UK, if you're not in England contact your national campaigns team to make sure you're as effective as you can be!)

What can I do?

Those of us who regularly get our health information in a format we cannot read have a simple task: to tell the NHS services we use that we need accessible information. To help us achieve this, we've developed an easy to remember checklist where the main steps spell out the word NURSE.
N is for Notify service providers of your needs - we have provided a preformatted losing patients notificaton letter (Word, 24KB)  which you can send to your GP, hospital or clinic and a Pharmacy notification letter (Word, 27KB) for the pharmacist where you collect your prescribed medications.
U and R is for Understand your Rights by downloading the Losing Patients resource pack (Word, 93KB) . Also learn about your rights under the NHS Constitution.
S and E is for have your Say by Engaging with local groups that represent patient interests to healthcare providers. Find out more in the resource pack.

What can local societies do?

Local societies and associations of and for the blind have a role to play in helping us secure accessible information too. They can do this on two levels. First the individual level, by supporting us to communicate our needs to the NHS services we use. Second, the organisational level, by bringing inaccessible information issues to the attention of local hospitals and NHS trust.

Stay in touch...

Please email or call the Campaigns team on [email protected] or 020 7391 2123 to let us know if you intend to use the notification letter to contact your healthcare provider. This helps us build up a picture of where people are taking action across the country.