Being there when it matters (ECLOs) campaigners toolkit

Only 30 per cent of eye clinics in the UK currently have some kind of qualified support in place, and many of these posts are under threat. 

We're asking people to use our online tool to email their MP and ask them to investigate the situation in their local constituency. This action only takes a couple of minutes but could really help strengthen our campaign. Take action today to stop blind and partially sighted people missing out on vital support.
If you want to get more involved, why not meet your MP in person, or visit a local councillor or Healthwatch board. We've produced some documents to give you all of the information you need and a short briefing to share with your MP and Healthwatch representative. 
For more information take a look at our Being There webpage.
Remember...campaigning on issues sometimes varies betweens countries in the UK, if you're not in England contact your national campaigns team to make sure you're as effective as you can be!


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