Health campaigners toolkit

If you're worried about the way your local health service is providing you with care, there are a few ways you can raise the issue with the appropriate people.

(remember...campaigning on issues sometimes varies betweens countries in the UK, if you're not in England contact your national campaigns team to make sure you're as effective as you can be!)


Get involved in your local Healthwatch

Download our campaigner briefing to make sure your views are local priorities:
Your local Healthwatch organisation is your opportunity to have your voice heard. Tasked with acting as "consumer champions", representing the views of their communities, Healthwatch organisations have been set up to campaign for improved health and social care services. Find your nearest Healthwatch and how to get in touch

Don't forget to A.C.T!


A is for "Ask three questions"

Ahead of receiving any treatment, always ask your health professional the following three questions:
  1. What are my options?
  2. What are the pros and cons of each option?
  3. How do I get support to help me make a decision that is right for me?
These questions were developed by AqUA, a north west NHS membership improvement body

C is for "Constitution":

Read the NHS Constitution for England and its accompanying handbook. They list your rights as an NHS patient, along with a number of non-binding pledges. You can get accessible copies of both documents by calling the Department of Health's telephone orderline on 0300 123 1002.

T is for "Talk":

Raise any concerns you have about your healthcare or local health services with the following NHS bodies and officials:
Your local Healthwatch
Health and Wellbeing Board (via your local councillor)
Your local GP surgery (join their patient participation group)
Your local Foundation Trust (apply to become a member)
Your local MP
We want to support and work with you to make health services better for blind and partially sighted people and those at risk of sight loss. Call us on 020 7391 2123 or email if you need further information and advice.