National campaign resources

Sometimes there are issues that you'll want to work on that can't be tackled locally

These national campaigns may also be in a specialist area and you don't know where to start. 
In this section you'll find specific tailor made toolkits for our major national campaigns. Whether it's knowing how to approach the health service or a call to action with your local MP on a nation wide issue, we'll try and provide you with the tools you need.
Campaigning on issues sometimes varies betweens countries in the UK, if you're not in England contact your national campaigns team to make sure you're as effective as you can be!
The resource packs

Health campaigners toolkit

All the links and information you need to start a campaign around your local health service. Including where to go, who to talk to and what to say...

Accessible health information toolkit

Not receiving information from your GP or hospital in a format you need? Here's some information on what to do next...

Being there (ECLOs) campaigers toolkit

Find out if there's an Eye Clinic Liaison Service is under threat near you. If so take action today to protect the vital support at the time of sight loss

Rehab campaigners toolkit

Information on the purpose and legal justification for rehabilitation along with practical advice on how to campaign for change when issues are identified.  

Resources to make your streets more accessible

Our Who put that there! campaign toolkits enable you to campaign for change on some of the most common local problems faced by blind and partially sighted people.  



Free campaigning tools