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RNIB campaigns make sure that the interests of blind and partially sighted people in the UK are taken into account in all EU and international decisions which affect them.

As you will know, on 23 June, the UK voted to leave the European Union. 

The following day, David Cameron announced his intention to stand down as leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister. He also announced that it would be his successor who would set in motion the formal legal process of withdrawing from the EU. This process gives the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal. On 13 July, Theresa May took over as leader of the Conservative Party and therefore, Prime Minister.
EU law still stands in the UK until it ceases being a member.  The UK will continue to abide by EU treaties and laws as it negotiates a withdrawal agreement and the terms of its relationship with the EU.
Over the coming weeks, months and years we’ll be keeping a close eye on what happens. As always, our priority is to deliver independence and inclusion for blind and partially sighted people. 
We are working hard on three large campaigns taking place in the EU Parliament.
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We campaign on issues that matter to blind and partially sighted people, including having access to digital services and enhancing access to books. 

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