Vision rehabilitation

See and Plan

Improving access to vision rehabilitation services

Vision rehabilitation services must be better organised so that blind and partially sighted people are seen and have a plan in place within 28 days of their first contact with a local authority. 

Early support means that people are able to learn and develop the right skills to ensure that they're able to continue with work, activities and the way of life that is important to them. This can reduce or prevent a person from needing far more costly care provision. 
We'll be a launching a major campaign in July, and want to hear from you about your experiences of using vision rehabilitation services. If you have received vision rehabilitation support in the last two years. Or if you have you been in touch with your council and not told about what support is available. We want to hear from you.
We're looking for stories to feature in our next report. If this is you, please get in touch at or on 020 7391 2123.

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See and plan 

We're very concerned that there has been a cut in budgets spent on rehabilitation services, that people are not being referred onto this vital service, and that when they are, they have to wait for far too long before receiving support. 
We're calling for all local authorities to see and plan. Rehabilitation services must be organised so that everyone with a visual impairment is seen and has a plan in place within 28 days of their first contact with the local authority. No one should have to sit at home and put their lives on hold.

Resources for campaigners

Read our short briefing to find out more:
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You can find out more about vision rehabilitation by watching our short film.

Resources for local authorities

If you are a local councillor and would like to know more about our campaign, then please read our helpful briefing:

We've also produced a helpful guide on the Care Act and what it means for local authorities when commissioning services for blind and partially sighted people:


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We're campaigning to ensure that blind and partially sighted people have access to rehabilitation and social care services as well as ensuring that blind and partially sighted people's needs are met by the Care Act. 

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