Being there when it matters

Only 30 per cent of eye clinics in the UK currently have some kind of qualified support in place, and many of these posts are under threat.

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No one should have to face sight loss alone

Across England sight loss advisers or Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) help patients and their families to understand their diagnosis, provide quality information and support, and can refer on to relevant services.
Unfortunately, complex funding arrangements mean that many of these essential services are at risk.

We've made it easy for you to get in touch with your MP to demand change

You can use our contact your MP tool and a message will be sent directly to your MP. 
You have the power to make a real change to the way people going through sight loss are treated. We need your help. Thanks to everyone who has contacted their MP so far as part of the campaign. Since this activity there has definitely been an increase in awareness among MPs and Hospital Trusts of how vital the sight loss adviser service is.

Our report highlights the huge impact sight loss has on people's lives

Our report 'Being there when it matters' sets out the huge impact that losing sight can have. The stories of Ian, Jennifer, Julie, Hayley, Keith, Lynette and Peter set out the emotional and practical impact that sight loss has had upon their lives. It is imperative that someone is there to provide information, advice and emotional support and to refer onto other services at this difficult time. You can download the full report here:

"No one contacted me, no one talked to me, no one came to the house and I was sort of there – out on my own.” 

To get an idea of the desperate situation many people currently find themselves in after being diagnosed with sight loss read Keith's story.

Keith was left to cope on his own without any additional support. It was only after meeting with a sight loss adviser that he began to regain control of his life. 

Want to do more?

If you want to get more involved, why not meet your MP in person, or visit a local councillor or Healthwatch board. We have a 'Being there' campaign pack giving lots of information and ideas for those of you that have time to do more. We've also produced a short two page 'Being there' MP briefing which can be left with your MP,  Healthwatch representative after meeting them. It summarises the key asks of the campaign.
We will build on our Being there when it matters campaign throughout 2015, continuing to build awareness and put pressure on those who make funding decisions to ensure that every eye department in the UK has access to a sight loss adviser.
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Being there when it matters campaign news

We campaign to ensure that no one faces sight loss alone. We want every person diagnosed with sight loss to have access to support at the time of diagnosis. We're calling for every eye clinic in the UK to have access to a sight loss adviser, to provide this much needed support. 

Find out what we're doing on our Being there when it matters campaign