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Every 15 minutes someone in the UK is told that they are losing, or have permanently lost, their sight. They will be left to face one of the most difficult questionsof their lives - "what now?"

No one should have to face sight loss alone

Our campaign for every eye department in the UK to have access to a sight loss adviser continues to grow in strength.
On 24 November, we held an event in Parliament for MPs to learn more about the vital support provided by sight loss advisers, and how they can ensure that the service is available for their constituents. 
At the event, we launched our new report setting out the compelling case why every eye department in the UK must have access to a sight loss adviser. 
Download our report:

What are sight loss advisers?

Sight loss advisers are commonly known as ECLOs (Eye Clinic Liaison Officers) in England. They are trained, non-clinical, staff working within eye departments that provide patients and their families with vital quality emotional and practical support. We are calling on hospital trust managers to explore the need for and introduce a sight loss adviser service in their eye department.  
If you work in a hospital environment, take a look at our information to help you set up a sight loss adviser service.

What have we been doing?

We believe that campaigners have the power to make a real change and this has certainly been proved over the last year. With your help we have secured existing sight loss adviser posts which had been under threat. In addition, a number of eye departments have either funded, or made a commitment to fund, a new sight loss adviser. However, there is still much more to do and in November we will be launching our new campaign action. 
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We campaign to ensure that no one faces sight loss alone. We want every person diagnosed with sight loss to have access to support at the time of diagnosis. We're calling for every eye department in the UK to have access to a sight loss adviser, to provide this much needed support. 

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