Social care campaign

Social care and rehabilitation services are essential for anyone with sight loss, but they're under threat.

Campaigners have been busy getting the message out there that things must change now otherwise in 10 years' time not a single blind or partially sighted person will receive any support from their council to remain independent.

One more big push on Social Care campaigning!

We have a final push in England to really make a difference to care for the future. The Government have released their consultation on how the new Care Act will be implemented in England. This is crucial as it determines who's going to get the support and what that support will look like. We've made it as easy as we can for you to respond to the consultation via our website. Please do so today! 

You can also download a briefing on the consultation and how we're thinking of responding (Word, 171KB)

What about rehabilitation services?

We are worried that a number of rehab services across England are being squeezed, why not use our rehab campaign toolkit to take action on this today.

This Social care campaign is focused on legislation in England, but you can find out how you can get involved in the rest of the UK by visiting our campaigning in your area section.

The Government's Care consultation is now open!

The Care Act is in place for social care in England. But now it's being decided who's going to get that care and what it will look like. Please let the Government know today!


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