Social care campaign

Social care and rehabilitation services are essential for anyone with sight loss, but they're under threat.

Big wins for the social care campaign

Thanks so much to everyone who has got involved with our social campaign so far. Over the last two years hundreds of MPs have received emails and letters and many of you have taken the time to meet with them in person, to share your experiences of care and support. In recent months around 230 campaigners responded to the Government call for views on the draft regulations and guidance. Without this amazing amount of activity we would not have had such a huge impact on social care.

On Friday 24th October the Government published the regulations and guidance which underpin the Care Act. These set out how local authorities should provide care and support in England.

There is much to be welcomed within the regulations and guidance, particularly in relation to rehabilitation, eligibility, registers, provision of information and some aspects of charging. Our highlights are: 

  • For the first time rehabilitation for blind and partially sighted are acknowledged in statutory guidance.
  • Rehabilitation services must be provided to people based on their needs and shouldn’t be limited to six weeks. 
  • Everyone who has a need for rehabilitation support should receive it. Local authorities cannot restrict access to the service based on a person’s eligibility for care and support.
  • Local authorities must provide minor aids and adaptations up to the value of £1,000 free of charge, for the purpose of assisting with nursing at home or aiding daily living.
  • An assessment for care should start from the moment an adult has contact with the local authority. A decision as to whether a person qualifies for support cannot be made unless an assessment has been carried out.
  • The eligibility criteria mean that it should be possible for many blind and partially sighted people to qualify for care and support.

If you'd like to read more, take a look at our short briefing on the social care regulations and guidance.

Our next challenge will be to campaign to ensure that these regulations and guidance are implemented by local authorities, ensuring blind and partially sighted people have access to rehabilitation and care support.

If you work for a local authority, take a look at our briefing on how the Care Act should be implemented for blind and partially sighted people.

This Social care campaign is focused on legislation in England, but you can find out how you can get involved in the rest of the UK by visiting our campaigning in your area section.