Policy and reports hub

The policy and reports hub is home to our policy position statements, consultation responses and campaign reports.

Our policy and campaigns team work across a number of strategic areas decided by our membership and trustees.

Our policy work ensures that we base all our work on the latest evidence and views from blind and partially sighted people and the wider sight loss sector.

Policy areas

Access to information
Everyone has the right to access information in their preferred format whether that is large print, audio, daisy or Braille. Often service providers want to give this information but are unclear on the practicalities. We believe information is power but far too often blind and partially sighted people aren't being given information they can read.

Two thirds of working age blind and partially sighted people are not in work. In addition, government research has shown that 90 per cent of employers believe that it would be impossible or difficult to employ someone with sight loss, presenting huge barriers to finding work. This is a situation that has to change.

Transport and getting around
We believe that being blind or partially sighted shouldn't mean giving up the right to being able to independently get around. A well placed road crossing, a clear pavement or provision of accessible bus information could stop a town centre becoming a no-go area.

Social care and vision rehabilitation
We want to see a care system that meets blind and partially sighted people’s needs. A big part of this is our vision rehabilitation campaign. We believe that blind and partially sighted people should have access to vision rehabilitation services at whatever stage of their life they require support.

Eye health
Vision loss has a significant impact on a person's quality of life. However, half of all sight loss is avoidable through early diagnosis and access to treatment. We want to end this injustice and end all avoidable sight loss by 2020.

Sight loss advisers

We want every person diagnosed with sight loss to have access to support at the time of diagnosis. We're calling for every eye department in the UK to have access to a sight loss adviser, to provide this much needed support. 

Benefits and welfare
We believe in financial independence for blind and partially sighted people and a fairer benefits system whatever a person's age or means to cover these additional costs.

Blind and partially sighted young people and children should have the same rights, opportunities and life chances as their sighted contemporaries. Timely intervention and support is essential to ensure that blind and partially sighted children are fully able to participate in and benefit from education.

Further information

If you have any questions about the work of the policy and campaigns team please contact us on 020 7391 2123 or campaign@rnib.org.uk

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