Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

I have recently bought an Amazon Echo dot
has anyone out there got one, and what are you doing with it.

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I am using mine for News/weather/time as well as listening to music and the radio. I have started listening to Kindle books and books from Audible and they seem to work well. I find the games pretty boring but they probably improve. Best skill I have found so far is The Guardian for ease of use. Not tried the Smart Home skills yet but they will be useful in the future I think.

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(Speaking on behalf of my partially sighted mother). I recently installed the internet at my Mothers address to facilitate Amazon Echo. Excellent for radio stations as the voice activation works well in this case. Also mother able to ask for time, date, weather etc. I wonder if RNIB would give consideration to linking their excellent talking books service, to the current Amazon Echo service. Regards Peter.

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It could be very powerful indeed:

Alexa has been compatible with the excellent If This Then That website as of mid December last year. There was significant upset and annoyance when they initially launched IFTTT compatibility for America earlier the same year but forgot to mention in their joint announcements that the service wouldn't be UK-compatible yet (mainly because a lot of UK IFTTT users went out and bought an Alexa for this purpose only to find it didn't do what they expected).

Not sure how accessible the apps / websites are for the severely sight impaired as I am sighted enough in my right eye to get by with triple tap to zoom and and holding the phone close to my face on my Android.

There are tons of different devices and services that integrate with IFTTT so linking it to Alexa can make all kinds of things possible.

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I've just got an echo dot, I'm hoping it will be better at reminding me of things, I also have early onset dementia so I'm hoping it will help me there too, I can't get it to link to iTunes no matter what we try although it links to Spotify easily, I have a pill app that just bleeps at the moment would be great to link that in to. I have high hopes for this type of device

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Hello, I've just found this board, so thought I would get in touch.

I'm setting up an Echo this week for a blind friend who wants to access train and bus times, audio books, news and weather e.t.c. It would be great to get your recommendations on what works well!
(the train and bus times were a challenge to setup, but once setup, it seems to work well... so far!)

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Hi everyone. I have an Amazon Ech Dot and think it's an amazing piece of kit for us VI in terms of the Voice Assistant. The actual ALexa App as the recent Connect magazine review suggests can be quite tricky to set up specially with so many SKills which are a bit like additional sub-Apps to add so that you can tell Alexia to do different atuff like Inspire yyou for quotes and motivation, read news from different sources or play games and so on.

One thing that I think is complex is the subscriptions from Amazon to STream music from artists especially if you have multiple Echos or Dots around the home.

Whether this could become a fashion statement for RNIB fundraising Wear Dots...Raise Lots could be interesting though!!

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What are they actually for? I've seen the advert on telly but never really got what it is they do, other than you ask it stuff.

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Hi Amy and welcome. Yes that is the whole point of them - to use your voice rather than a keyboard and/or mouse or touch screen. It can play music or play specific radio stations. You can get it to read Kindle brooks, tell you the time , weather forecast or the estimated time it would take you to get to a specific place. Can set a timer so useful for cooking or maybe taking medication at intervals. You can link it to a calendar to tell you what appointments you have or create shopping and To do lists. Plenty more skills can be added. You can even link it up to smart linked household devices so for example you could turn the lights on to a room by voice. Pretty amazing.

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Oh that sounds good, it can do a lot more than I thought then. I realised not long ago that I can do a google search on my phone with my voice and I've been doing that sometimes because it's quicker. I can do a lot more stuff like that on it I think I've just not really needed to. But I have got into doing Google that way because it's quicker and easier than writing out a question.