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Hi folks,
I'm SSI and find watchinTV a bit of a bigger. I saw TV Glasses advertised on, I think, the Optolec website for 40 quid and thought they might help. Has anyone tried them or something similar? Any cop?

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TV Glasses Edit
Meant bugger, not bigger - bloomin' word predictor!!!

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In the Resource Centre in Belfast we used to sell Max TV glasses. Some people loved them and some people didn't like them at all. They have wheels at the side that you adjust to focus each eye individually. They are what we would call "footery" - you need to mess about with them a bit to get the focus right. When they are right they will make the image on the tv appear much closer and larger.

Try Amazon for Max TV to see if you can get a better price.

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Thanks Amy 2,
That sounds like the sort of thing I am after so I will check it out.

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I thought you meant those glasses with a miniature 'television' screen in front of the eyes. That'd be a good solution for some, although it definitely cuts out the social aspect of television watching. Also for me it would feel like a bigger waste of money than for most as I'd end up with two little screens when I only have the use of one eye (I feel the same about virtual reality goggles - but the reality is that it would be more expensive as it would be a custom product rather than mass produced).

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I would only heed one screen too. TV is now easily available on computer, laptop, tablet etc, but I miss a lot while watching TV with others, when you can't park yourself right by the screen.

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Hi Mark , I've got central vision loss , our T V has a 32 inch screen and when I sit about ten feet away , I can't see anything on the screen ! . So to watch TV I use a pair of Opticron Trailfinder 8 x 25 close focus binoculars .They are light and compact and I can see most of the screen and the image is very good . I also use an 8 x 25 monocular , also with very good results .

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Thanks for that, Jim
Somewhere I have some binoculars, like the sort of thing surgeons use, that I got to help with close up work. I find it difficult at times to see detail on TV unless I am right up close. Not good when you are supposed to be all cosy on the settee with the Better Half!

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Thanks also Jim. I'm particularly interested in where you got the monocular and also what it's range is as I'd like it to also be useful for stage productions and the opera glasses normally provided don't really cut it!
The thing I find most tricky is when someone is texting in a drama and they just put a little popup on the screen that is hard to read and gone in seconds, followed by another, then another, then another. Before I know it I have missed an entire conversation which is usually crucial to the plot! Pause, and rewind are useful for this (I view most of my telly through Amazon Fire TV or on DVD) but sometimes I can also need to be closer which is particularly difficult if my wife has fallen asleep laid across my chest which has happened enough times to get annoying (but only under those particular set of circumstances, of course!)