Confidence Building Workshop in Ipswich 17th and 18th October 20

Hi everyone!

RNIB is running a 2 day "Living With Sight Loss" course on 17th and 18th October 2017 at the Ipswich Blind Society at Tower Street Ipswich. We are still looking for people who would like to come along to this very interesting, informative and worthwhile couple of days.

The course is free and includes no reading, writing or tests as everything is achieved through discussion and hands on demonstrations. It gives the participants an opportunity to share their experiences of sight loss, receive emotional and practical support and advice and meet people in a similar situation with a view of continuing contact and friendship far beyond the course.

The course topics include Emotional Support, Technology, Welfare rights and concessions, Daily Living hints and tips, healthy eating and working safely in the kitchen, Low vision assessments, registration, mobility - methods of getting out and about safely and improving confidence, plus well-being, hobbies and leisure activities in your local area. We have speakers from Guide dogs, rehab services and the local society coming to talk about the services they have to offer and to try and untangle the often confusing picture of support which can seem overwhelming when someone is first diagnosed. It's a warm and friendly environment and everything discussed is held in the greatest confidence.

Friends and Family members are welcome to come along, as the course is a great chance to learn about how to support someone more effectively, learn hints and tricks and understand a little better the challenges faced by sight impaired people in an impartial environment where they are welcome to ask questions and discuss their own feelings.

It is open to anyone newly diagnosed and wanting to know more about what is available in the community to support them, anyone struggling with their sight loss or wanting to know more about the latest technology or services, whether registered or not. Places need to be booked but we may be forced to cancel this course if we don't get enough uptake. Please feel free to call me on 01603 931046 if you would like an informal discussion about the course or send an email to me at [email protected] if that is your preferred way of contacting me! Also feel free to spread the word in your own communities and networks! I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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Nice to meet you. I won’t be able to make it there as I am still receiving mobility training. I live in Barry, South Wales.