Have your say on supporting disabled people in work

The Government is seeking views on how disabled people can be better supported in to and staying in work.

The Government's consultation document – "Improving lives: the work, health and disability Green Paper"


rightly recognises the obstacles that disabled people face in accessing employment. This is especially important for blind and partially sighted people. Only one in four blind or partially sighted people are in employment, whilst the employment rate amongst disabled people in general is one in two, and that of non-disabled people is four in five.

We welcome the Green Paper's aim to tackle the barriers that disabled people face in employment, in a wide-ranging consultation covering employment, health and social security issues.

Get involved
The Government want to hear from you about how they can better support disabled people into work – have your say by using our online form on the RNIB website. Go to http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1670&ea.campaign.id=... to complete the form.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to improve the work prospects of blind and partially sighted people. Let's not miss it; the consultation is open until Friday 17 February 2016. For more information contact the Campaigns Team on 020 7391 2123 or by email: campaigns@rnib.org.uk

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Julian's picture

Reply to Nick by Julian

Hello Nick,

Perhaps the delightful Tory government should not have scrapped Remploy in the first place.

I have 0% faith in the nasty Tories doing anything to help disabled people, they seem intent on making our lives as miserable as possible.

I wish you well in your endeavours but, no matter what we Visually Impaired do, they will find another stick to beat us with.


Nick's picture

Reply to Julian by Nick

HI Julian,

You are probably right that they will find another stick in which case we can just get beaten or we can again break it. If we want to stop the beatings, we either have to wait for them to get tired or we have to break every stick in the forest!

As for the consultation, I suspect the deadline has now passed and this thread is no longer relevant so if any moderators are reading . . .