Are you under 25? On these web pages you'll find information on a wide range of issues that are important to blind and partially sighted young people.

This section of the RNIB website has been co-designed and reviewed by young people across the UK. It includes a variety of individual experiences, case studies and information from young people at each stage of their lives.

School life and planning ahead

School is a big part of your life and the school life and planning ahead section offers advice around choosing subjects, exams and study skills, after school clubs and activities as well as how to start planning for life after school and moving on to college or work.

Leaving home

Moving out of home for the first time? Whether you are off to college or university or just taking those first steps to living independently, this section will help you get prepared. You will find information on getting around and developing mobility skills as well as money management and learning useful cooking tips from students!

Starting college

If you are thinking about going to college then have a look at our starting college section. Find information on choosing the right college for you, what support is available at college and funding advice. You will also find useful study tips and hear about other students experiences of starting college.

Starting university

There is lots to think about before going to university. You need to find the right course, get clear on application processes and it's handy to know where you can get financial help. Read on and you will discover lots of practical support for anything from choosing the right university and funding advice to how to make the most of student life!

Starting work

Starting work may seem daunting at first, but this section will help you to identify the people who can advise you about career choices, help with interview preparation, give guidance about work experience and volunteering and advise about the support mechanisms available, such as the Access to Work scheme.

Free time

Not sure what to do in your free time? Find ideas and inspiration and learn about what other young people are doing. From sports and hiking to reading and going to the cinema, there is something for everyone!

Latest News

Could you be the next Bill Gates?

Entrepreneurs are being encouraged to tap into creative accessible technologies market as the Government calls for more innovation in gadgets for disabled people and is offering £50,000 in brand new prize, in a £400,000 competition.

British entrepreneurs are being challenged by the government to develop imaginative and creative technological adaptations to help Britain’s 12.2 million disabled people and their families lead more independent lives. The competition, which is the first of its kind, is run in conjunction with innovation charity Nesta. Twenty five semi-finalists will receive a £6,000 contract to take their ideas forward. That will be whittled down to 10 finalists, who will each be awarded another £10,000 to develop their ideas into a prototype. The winning inventor will be announced in 2016 – with a £50,000 contract to take the idea to market.

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