RNIB helped me bring the pieces of my life back together

By donating today, you could help more blind and partially sighted people like Kevin who are struggling to come to terms with their sight loss.Donate online safely and securely to RNIB's Kevin appeal.

Kevin’s Story

With your donations we can support more people like Kevin. As Kevin discovered, family events and occasions just after you have been diagnosed with sight loss can be traumatic, and can feel something of a milestone. Christmases and birthdays, for example, can be particularly hard for those people struggling to come to terms with becoming blind or partially sighted.

While they adjust to a new way of life, family gatherings and festivities can leave some feeling that they're missing out even more. As Kevin puts it;

“I was really struggling to come to terms with the loss of my sight. My life completely changed overnight. I couldn’t work anymore, or do the things I most enjoyed.”- Kevin Garwood

How RNIB helped Kevin

Kevin knows first hand the challenges many blind and partially sighted people feel facing their first year without sight. His world was ripped apart when he went blind. It's thanks to supporters like you, who helped fund the expert advice and practical and emotional support that he received from RNIB, that he has rebuilt his life. With the help of people like you he has been able to carry on doing many of the things he did before, the things most of us take for granted.

Your support today could transform the lives of people like Kevin, who face the trauma of losing their sight. We need your support. Please make a donation today, and help us support more blind and partially sighted people

What your support could do

  • £20 could pay for blind or partially sighted people to keep in touch with the daily news through RNIB’s Talking Newspapers and Magazines; a vital link to current affairs that helps people feel connected.
  • £40 could help deliver talking books to someone’s door for a month. Being immersed in a good book can radically reduce isolation and loneliness 
  • £100 could help us answer nearly 30 Helpline calls from people like Kevin, putting them in touch with the right support services 
  • £230 could provide six sessions of emotional support or counselling to help someone come to terms with sight loss. Dealing with sight loss can be very challenging. Our qualified counsellors are on hand to guide people like Kevin through the transition.

We appreciate your support

Your kind donation is used wherever the need is greatest. If you have any questions about making a donation to us, please email us at fundraising@rnib.org.uk or call us on 0845 345 0054 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

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