Static line parachute jumps

Join Team RNIB and jump for free! Training and jump are free if you raise at least £360, the minimum amount of sponsorship.Join Team RNIB and static line parachute jump for free!

Jump all year round 

Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane at 3,000 feet? It is called a static jump because you will be attached to a 'static line' that automatically opens the parachute when you exit the aircraft. 

This is a two-day course, spending the first day training and familiarising yourself with the equipment and aircraft, then taking the jump itself on the second day. 

If the weather prevents you from jumping, your training is valid for at least two months, giving you plenty of time to return to the centre to complete your jump. Completion of this training course is the first step to becoming a fully qualified skydiver and all students receive a British Parachute Association approved certificate. 

Static line jumps: the facts

  • Standard deposit fee: between £60-£100, dependant on location.
  • Training/jump fees: approximately £150.
  • Jump altitude 3,000 feet.
  • Duration two days.
  • Jump solo
  • British Parachute Association approved certificate.
  • Perfect if you want to jump solo and also take the first steps towards jumping regularly. 

Age and weight restrictions

  • Age: 16 to 55 inclusive.
  • Weight: under 15 stone.

Where can I parachute jump?

  • From 22 locations throughout the UK, including three in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland.

When can I parachute jump? 

  • Seven days a week - pick the day you jump to suit you! 

Why should I join Team RNIB?

As a member of Team RNIB you will receive:

  • a welcome pack packed with fundraising tips and expert training and nutrition advice from For Goodness Shakes
  • regular newsletters
  • opportunity to join the RNIB online community and meet others taking part in this challenge
  • excellent customer care from the moment you register until after your challenge.

You can register online to static line parachute jump and join Team RNIB!

Why fundraise for RNIB

Every day 100 people in the UK start losing their sight. RNIB gives people who have lost their sight vital support to help them find their lives again. Right now RNIB can only reach one in three of the people who need our help most. Join Team RNIB and help us reach them all. 

Not for you?

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