Join our Sooty Box Community!

If you have a few hours to spare a week, why not join our community of Sooty Box collectors, and help us collect donations from boxes in your area?

Getting involved

By helping us to collect, record and bank these donations, you'll allow us to continue our services to blind and partially sighted people.

Your commitment to us

We're happy for you to help out on an ad-hoc basis, or volunteer more regularly; it's really up to you!

There are no fixed hours for this role, so spare as little as an hour or as many as 4 during the week, we're flexible.

The benefits to you

By volunteering in your spare time, you'll be doing something valuable and helping a great cause.

There are other benefits too:

  • The feel-good factor - doing something great, makes you feel good! Fact.
  • Gain valuable fundraising experience - learn how charity fundraising works and why it's so important.
  • Have a direct impact on your local community - developing relationships with local business owners.
  • Flexibility - fit the role in and around your other commitments.

Additional support

You'll go through a short induction/training, be provided with our 'Understanding Sight Loss' pack, have regular supervision and help from your area fundraiser, as well as support from fellow volunteers.

In addition, all out of pocket expenses will be paid.

Why your help is vital

Finding out you're about to lose your sight can be a big shock, but due to a lack of sight loss advisors in the UK, those who are given this news are often left to digest the information alone.

We're hoping to be there for all those who discover they're about to lose their sight; providing advice, emotional support and guidance as to what to do next.

By helping us to manage our Sooty collection boxes, you'll ensure we can continue to provide these invaluable services.

Sooty box collectors are needed most in: