Play dots... raise lots

Feeling sporty? Why not get your friends together for a game of rounders, netball or 5-a-side and help us raise lots with dots this May.

It’s not always easy getting organised, so we asked fitness bloggers Run Mummy Run to show us how it’s done. Whatever your game of choice, a simple pay-to-play can be a huge help in supporting people with sight loss and highlighting the impact of braille.

Read below for all their hints and tips – and sign-up to receive our free fundraising pack containing everything you need to get started.

Get inspired

See what happened when Run Mummy Run took rounders to Richmond Park, then read on for some top tips on organising your own game. 


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Been a while since your last rounders match? Allow Run Mummy Run to refresh your memory:

How to play rounders

  1. First up, do an equipment check; A bat, ball and four poles (or cones or jumpers) is all you need.
  2. Split your group into two teams – one bats, one bowls and fields – then swap around once the batting team is all out.
  3. If you’re batting, you have to run to the first post – even if you don’t manage to hit the ball. If you make it, wait for the next batter then run again.
  4. You’re out if a fielder catches the ball or stumps the post before you get there.
  5. To score a rounder, you must run around each pole. You get half a rounder for reaching second base.

Once everyone’s batted, tot up the scores and declare a winner! Before you finish playing, don’t forget to snap the action and share it with RNIB using the hashtag #DotsRaiseLots

Download our Play Dots tip sheet (PDF 1.5MB)

Highlighting the impact of braille!

100 people every day in the UK start losing their sight. It will change their life completely.

Braille is a unique system of raised dots that can be read by touch. Wear dots... raise lots this May to highligh the impact of braille and to help people in the UK living with sight loss.

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