How I See: Meet the cast



I have Usher syndrome type 2, which is a combination of  retinitis pigmentosa (RP) alongside hearing loss. The most common misconception about my sight loss in particular, is that I don’t 'look blind'. There’s a whole spectrum of sight loss out there and that’s what people need to know about. 

Sam, Aberdeenshire 





I have macular degeneration. The first couple of years were horrendous. It was like a bereavement really... I was so afraid. People are absolutely brilliant but without the white cane, I would not be as confident. The freedom of living is brilliant.

Faye, Anglesey 





I have glaucoma, and I have no light perception at all in my left eye and in my right eye, it’s like I’m looking through a really murky, watery fog machine. I believe we should always be ready to engage with the general public, educate them and help to normalise disability.

Ryan, Worcester 




I’m registered as partially sighted due to having cerebral palsy. I feel that I’m very independent and can achieve anything that everybody else can do. I just have to do it maybe in a slightly different way to other people.

Chloe, Leeds 





“I have retinitis pigmentosa, have lived with limited vision for many years and have had surgery to remove cataracts. I have experience of the impact of sight loss on mental health. Being involved in volunteering is crucial for my wellbeing.” 

Bernie, Dungiven




“I have retinitis pigmentosa (RP). When I tell people I’m severely sight impaired, the general public usually want to help. But they sometimes grab your arm without asking or tell you things you already know – they’re unaware of what you can see, what you can do and how independent you are.” 

Mohammed, Luton