Improving hospital eye care services

Patients are incredibly grateful for the eye care they receive in hospital, however, they express concerns about cancelled and delayed appointments, over-subscribed clinics, long waits to see a professional at each appointment, and rushed consultations. 

Meanwhile hospital staff describe their working conditions as “chaotic” and “running from one crisis to another” – constantly being asked to do more with the same resources. 
According to ophthalmologists, capacity challenges are putting patients’ sight at risk and some have suffered unnecessary sight loss by not being treated in clinically appropriate timeframes.
This is why we have has teamed up with an informatics company to help three ophthalmology departments in England tackle their capacity challenges and financial constraints. Findings will be used to assist other eye departments across the UK.
Help us improve hospital eye care services
Do you have AMD, Cataracts or Glaucoma? Have you ever wanted to change something about the treatment you receive? Now’s your chance.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellent (NICE) is the organisation that tells care services, such as hospitals, in England and Wales how they can improve health and social care. In 2017 they're planning on rewriting the guidelines for these three eye conditions and we want to make sure your voice is heard.
Whether you have something to say about the amount of time it takes to get appointments, the information you’re given, or any other aspect of your treatment, it’s important that these decision makers know what matters to you.

Leave your details with us to help influence how your eye conditions are treated in the future.

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