Resources for parents of blind or partially sighted children

In the early days, you might find you need support to help your child to grow and learn new life skills. Our information is based on what parents tell us they would like to know.

Your child and vision impairment - first steps

We have information to guide you with the first steps after you find out your child has a vision impairment, including dealing with difficult emotions. We point you to the help available for you and your child, and where you can find advice about all aspects of raising a child with a vision impairment.

Daily living skills

We offer information to support you to help your child learn how to move around, dress, wash and eat more independently. We cover how mobility and habituation specialists can work with your child to improve their daily living skills, and offer advice on making daily life safe and practical.

Research into certification and registration

Are you the parent of a child or young person aged 0-17 in England who has been registered as blind/severely sight impaired (SSI) or partially sighted/sight impaired (SI) within the past 5 years?

If you are, and you would be interested in taking part in research into the process of certification and registration, and what registration has meant for you and your child, please download our flyer for more information:

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