With a subscription to our audio book service - Talking Books, you can:

  • choose from more than 20,000 titles, many on a single disc
  • borrow up to six books at any one time
  • enjoy a speedy on-demand service with no waiting for popular titles
  • Books for adults and children. Find out more about our children's library service

Borrow audio from elsewhere

Calibre Audio Library

Calibre Audio Library provides an audio loan service with a joining fee. You can borrow cassettes and digital books in MP3 format, available on MP3 discs and on USB memory sticks.

Public libraries

Many libraries have audio book and magazine collections on CD or cassette available for loan for a small fee. Often blind and partially sighted people are exempt from these fees. 

Increasingly, downloadable audio books or eBooks with synthetic text to speech are offered by local libraries. This varies across the UK so it's worth checking with your local service if you are interested.

Reading services from RNIB

We make it possible for you to get access to books, newspapers and magazines in the format you prefer, whether that’s braille, audio, large print or digital. You can borrow from our library service – the largest of its kind in the UK – or buy from our online shop.

RNIB reading services