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  • Image shows white cane user on street

    Oldham council to adopt street charter


    We're delighted that Oldham Council will be adopting a street charter for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Image shows advertising boards lining high street.

    A-Board Victory for the Northumberland Low Vision Action Group


    Northumberland County Council has made the decision to change its advertising board policy, following years of campaigning from the Northumberland Low Action Vision Group.

  • We need our crossings back


    In Norwich, a group of campaigners and RNIB Connect volunteers have been working with local film maker Tom Westwood. Together, they’ve made a short film highlighting the challenges blind and partially sighted people are facing due to the changes made by the city council to the layout of Norwich city centre.

  • London MP commits to safer streets after blindfold walk


    James Berry MP has agreed to help improve the safety of a London campaigner’s local high street, after he joined her for a walk down the street wearing a blindfold.

  • Old style stones could be kicked to the kerb


    Steve Hyde, Regional Assistant Campaigns Officer for the South West, and Jenny Hodges, Volunteer Campaign Coordinator, were recently consulted by Bristol County Council over proposed new styles for kerbs between cycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

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