Talking ATMs news

  • Barclays, a beacon of good practice in accessibility


    Campaigners from across London and the South East made a series of visits to newly designed Barclays branches in London last month to assess the new design and discuss how the bank could make their services more accessible.

  • Great blog and video from Barclay's about talking ATMs


    Barclay's bank have put up a great blog on their website explaining how they came on board with the Talking ATMs campaign and led the sector in introducing the facility across their network.

  • Try a talking ATM


    At the end of October 2013 RNIB South East members got the opportunity to try a Co-Op talking ATM at a forum event.

  • How can I find a talking ATM?


    As yet there isn't just one single way to search for your nearest talking ATM. As more talking ATMs are introduced by different providers you're likely to have one not far from you.

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