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Campaigning news from the East midlands 

  • Improving train travel in the East Midlands


    East Midlands Trains are keen to improve their services for customers with sight loss. So much so that from 5 to 11 October, we held a fantastic week raising awareness of access to train travel with their staff at Leicester Station.

  • Tech support in the East Midlands


    Sarah Leadbetter, a Volunteer Campaign Co-ordinator, has formed her own technology support group in Leicestershire. Find out more and how you can join.

  • Boston and Skegness Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate takes blindfold walk challenge


    Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Boston and Skegness, Matt Warman, learnt about the difficulties people with sight loss face getting out and about in Boston when he took part in a blindfold walk on 9 April.

  • Improving rail assistance in the East Midlands


    Over the past few months, East Midlands volunteer campaigner, Sarah Leadbetter has been campaigning to improve rail assistance at Narborough train station.

  • VI awareness training starts at Nottingham Capital FM Arena


    Regional Campaigns Officer for the East Midlands, Claire Lawrence, begins training the staff at Nottingham Capital Arena in Visual Awareness in early January to continue to improve the service offered to the Arena's customers with sight loss.

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