East midlands news

Campaigning news from the East midlands 

  • Improving rail assistance in the East Midlands


    Over the past few months, East Midlands volunteer campaigner, Sarah Leadbetter has been campaigning to improve rail assistance at Narborough train station.

  • VI awareness training starts at Nottingham Capital FM Arena


    Regional Campaigns Officer for the East Midlands, Claire Lawrence, begins training the staff at Nottingham Capital Arena in Visual Awareness in early January to continue to improve the service offered to the Arena's customers with sight loss.

  • Kinch bus roll out talking buses across entire fleet


    After a long and hard fought campaign, Kinch bus in Loughborough is finally launching their talking bus service throughout their entire fleet thanks to the hard work of our Leicestershire campaigners.

  • Mystery shopping Nottingham Capital FM Arena


    Campaigners across Nottingham and Leicester have been taking advantage of the new and improved services at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena.

  • Audio announcements reinstated on Loughborough bus route


    18 months ago, due to local authority budget cuts, Kinch Bus removed their audio announcements on the Loughborough University bus service. After working with the operator, they have reinstated and updated this announcements on the service.

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