Accessible information news

  • Major breakthrough on accessible information


    One of the last acts of the 2010-15 coalition government was to publish a review of alternative format communications by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). 
    Produced in conjunction with RNIB, this review represents an important breakthrough in our long-running campaign to secure change. Crucially it contains a commitment from the Minister for Disabled People to establish a new and better way of working. 
    In particular the review proposes establishing a central team of accessibility experts to provid

  • Making apps accessible


    If you use a smart phone, or tablet, you’ll no doubt use apps. Unfortunately we all know how frustrating it is to come across what sounds like a great app, only to find out that it’s inaccessible that's why we're working to strengthen EU law in this area.

  • Barclays, a beacon of good practice in accessibility


    Campaigners from across London and the South East made a series of visits to newly designed Barclays branches in London last month to assess the new design and discuss how the bank could make their services more accessible.

  • General Election work in England


    It could make a real difference after the election if newly elected MPs have some understanding of the impact of sight loss. We'll be working to ensure that voting is accessible to blind and partially sight people.

  • The latest on ending the “book famine”


    In Marrakech on 28 June 2013, a long standing campaign RNIB had been coordinating came to a successful end. Well, sort of... the UN adopted a landmark copyright treaty to enhance access to books for millions of blind or partially sighted people. However, for the UK to be able to use the Treaty, the EU must ratify it. But 18 months after the Treaty was agreed, this has still not happened.

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