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  • Remote control in the foreground pointing at a blurred TV screen

    Do you want Ofcom to ensure that TV programme guides are made accessible? Please say so!


    Many blind and partially sighted people tell us that they have difficulty using, or find it impossible to use, their TV’s on-screen electronic programme guides. The communications regulator is now seriously considering revising its “Code of Practice” regarding EPGs and we need you to tell them what you think of it.

  • Success! A win in the fight for accessible information


    NHS England has brought in an accessible information standard. This new standard means people with sight loss should now receive information such as appointment reminders and test results in an accessible format 'by right and without a fight'.

  • Help make the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme accessible


    A growing number of blind and partially sighted people have been in touch with us about how inaccessible parts of the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme can be. We've raised this with Public Health England but need your help to build up a case for this issue.

  • Making digital services accessible for all across Europe


    We all know how frustrating it is to come across what sounds like a great app, website, or online service, only to find out that it’s inaccessible. Well now we can really do something about it. The European Commission is determined to make Europe ‘go digital’ and plans to increase and improve online services - let's make sure nobody is left behind.

  • Major breakthrough on accessible information


    One of the last acts of the 2010-15 coalition government was to publish a review of alternative format communications by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Produced in conjunction with us, it represents an important breakthrough in our long-running campaign to secure change.

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