Accessible information news

  • The latest on ending the “book famine”


    In Marrakech on 28 June 2013, a long standing campaign RNIB had been coordinating came to a successful end. Well, sort of... the UN adopted a landmark copyright treaty to enhance access to books for millions of blind or partially sighted people. However, for the UK to be able to use the Treaty, the EU must ratify it. But 18 months after the Treaty was agreed, this has still not happened.

  • Making NHS information accessible


    During September, we held three workshops with NHS England as part of their consultation on the accessible information standard. The standard will compel health and social care service providers to record patients’ communication needs (such as alternative formats) and to provide them.

  • West Midlands campaigners have their say on NHS accessible information


    On 23 September campaigners attended a workshop in Birmingham about NHS England's accessible information standard.The accessible information standard is being developed to make sure that health and social care providers have a systematic approach to recording and responding to patients' communication and information needs.

  • Monitor how much gas and electricity you use


    Between now and 2020, around 50 million new gas and electricity ‘smart meters’ will be installed in homes across Great Britain. Here's our advice on their acccessibility

  • NHS England Consult on their Accessible Information Standard


    This year the NHS is taking a major step forward by developing an accessible information standard. The standard will contain a set of rules on the provision of accessible formats and they want your views

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