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  • Judd Street superhighway update


    Our Regional Campaigns Officer for London, Richard Holmes, and Trustee Ellie Southwood, recently met with Deputy London Mayor Val Shawcross to discuss the north south Cycle Superhighway which is planned to run past our London office on Judd Street.

  • Photo of Kingston bus stop consultation event

    Don't bypass us


    Richard Holmes, our Regional Campaigns Officer for London, and volunteer campaigner Elise Crayton, attended a consultation event for a new bus stop bypass in Kingston on 27 July. The borough is proposing the change as part of a major re-development of public areas in Kingston.

  • Cycle superhighway protest at St. Thomas’ Hospital


    More than 100 people attended a protest on Tuesday 28 June outside St Thomas' Hospital against a proposed cycle scheme which could cause safety concerns for patients and visitors.

  • No place for shared space


    The campaign to see a meaningful discussion about the issue of shared space was again raised in Parliament on Monday 13 June.

  • Save our pelican


    Back in February, TfL launched a consultation to extend the North South scheme to King's Cross and right past RNIB’s flagship office, a proposal that we're alarmed by. Find out what we've been doing to save our pelican crossing.

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