Campaigning news from London

  • Councillor takes blindfold walk challenge in Teddington


    Richmond volunteer campaigner, Jackie Venus invited the leader of the opposition group on Richmond Council to take a walk with her to experience the myriad obstacles she encounters each day on 27 August as part of our ‘Who put that there!’ campaign.

  • Newham Councillors take blindfold walk challenge


    Councillors from the London Borough of Newham and local volunteer campaigner, Mohammed Mohsan Ali, took part in a blindfold walk around the area on 21 July to highlight the challenges that blind and partially sighted people face when getting out and about in the area.

  • BeTwicks and between obstacles


    London volunteer campaigner, Jackie Venus made a film of her walk around the centre of Twickenham on 3 July in order to show her experiences of the many obstacles she faces each time she goes out.

  • All hail the Kings


    We have great news! After continued campaigning, this month King’s Hospital in Denmark Hill based in South East London, are introducing a sight loss adviser service to their eye department.

  • All A-board


    We’ve been working hard with Transport for London (TfL) and London’s 33 boroughs to seek a common position on advertising boards.

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