Campaigning news from London

  • Railing against changes to crossings


    For the past couple of years Transport for London have removed railings from crossings and junctions. They argue that railings cause confusion to pedestrians, look ugly, and can cause danger at junctions to cyclists who may get crushed against them.

  • Councillor takes blindfold walk challenge in Teddington


    Richmond volunteer campaigner, Jackie Venus invited the leader of the opposition group on Richmond Council to take a walk with her to experience the myriad obstacles she encounters each day on 27 August as part of our ‘Who put that there!’ campaign.

  • Newham Councillors take blindfold walk challenge


    Councillors from the London Borough of Newham and local volunteer campaigner, Mohammed Mohsan Ali, took part in a blindfold walk around the area on 21 July to highlight the challenges that blind and partially sighted people face when getting out and about in the area.

  • BeTwicks and between obstacles


    London volunteer campaigner, Jackie Venus made a film of her walk around the centre of Twickenham on 3 July in order to show her experiences of the many obstacles she faces each time she goes out.

  • All hail the Kings


    We have great news! After continued campaigning, this month King’s Hospital in Denmark Hill based in South East London, are introducing a sight loss adviser service to their eye department.

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