Save our sight news

  • Don’t miss out on inspecting and improving your local health services


    Over the coming months there’s an opportunity to drive improvements at your local health services through Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).

  • Recognising local needs


    In order to set their budgets, councils and local NHS commissioners need to predict where their money is going to be needed. Joint Strategic Needs Assessments assess the health needs of their local population so officers can plan ahead. We've been working to ensure these reflect eye health locally.

  • RNIB joins forces with South Tyneside Council to tackle smoking


    South Tyneside Council has launched a hard-hitting campaign linking smoking with blindness as part of National Eye Health Week to get people to give up the habit. The campaign is supported by RNIB.

  • Taking our message to party conferences


    We took your campaign messages to the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Party Conferences along with our amazing mechanical automaton to highlight some of the key challenges in eyecare today.

  • Invite your MP to our ECLO event


    On 26 November 2014 we will be holding an ECLO event in Parliament.

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