South east news

Campaigning news from the South east 

  • Good things come to those who won’t wait


    Last year, Volunteer Campaign Coordinator Julia Kirkham alerted us to the long wait that blind and partially sighted people were facing for vision rehabilitation services in West Sussex.

  • MP discovers dangers of street clutter


    MP Tim Loughton has walked blindfolded through Worthing town centre as part of a campaign to make the area safer for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Campaigner wins independence for Milton Keynes shoppers


    After over a year of hard work, Milton Keynes campaigner Padma has won her battle for blind and partially sighted people to be able to shop independently in her local shopping centre.

  • Trading places


    “Is there any particular stop that you’d like to get off at?" Blind and partially sighted passengers trade places with drivers from the Oxford Bus Company to celebrate them signing up to our Bus Charter.

  • Reading shared space scheme a real turn off


    Reading Council have been changing junctions in the town which includes permanently switching off traffic lights. Find out more about what's happened to stop this.

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