South east news

Campaigning news from the South east 

  • RNIB Street Charter toolkit presented to the Local Government Secretary of State


    RNIB and a local campaigner presented the RNIB street charter toolkit to Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 8 January.

  • Audio Description campaign success


    Portsmouth Volunteer Campaign Coordinator, Dave Taylor, is celebrating successfully challenging his local cinema to provide greater access to audio description.

  • Milton Keynes Councillor in street clutter walkabout


    Milton Keynes Councillor Sarah Betteley took part in a walk around Stoney Stratford with Milton Keynes Volunteer Campaign Coordinator, Padma Cheriyan to understand the challenges blind and partially sighted people face when getting out and about in their local areas.

  • Campaigning for sight loss advisers in Basingstoke


    Campaigners and sight loss charities participated in a round table event on the campaign to get a sight loss adviser in Basingstoke.

  • Making menus accessible in Milton Keynes


    RNIB Volunteer Campaign Coordinator for Milton Keynes, Padma Cheriyan, has been speaking to local restaurants, cafes and pubs about how a PenFriend could make their menus accessible to blind and partially sighted people in the city:

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