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  • Making apps accessible


    If you use a smart phone, or tablet, you’ll no doubt use apps. Unfortunately we all know how frustrating it is to come across what sounds like a great app, only to find out that it’s inaccessible that's why we're working to strengthen EU law in this area.

  • The latest on ending the “book famine”


    In Marrakech on 28 June 2013, a long standing campaign RNIB had been coordinating came to a successful end. Well, sort of... the UN adopted a landmark copyright treaty to enhance access to books for millions of blind or partially sighted people. However, for the UK to be able to use the Treaty, the EU must ratify it. But 18 months after the Treaty was agreed, this has still not happened.

  • Blind dates in European Parliament


    RNIB staff, volunteers and members of our Envision network attended and took part in the European Blind Union (EBU) “blind date” event in the European Parliament over 11 and 12 November.

  • Better access to web, apps and everyday goods - follow @euroblind on Twitter!


    The European blind union are now on twitter! Follow the feed for the latest on how we're campaigning at European level for a more accessible EU

  • Progress at the EU on silent vehicles?


    On 2 April 2014 the European Parliament adopted a new EU regulation to introduce an “Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System” for hybrid and pure electric vehicles, which will provide sound to signal the vehicle’s presence to pedestrians and other road users.

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