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  • Concerns over Government position on EU Web Directive


    We’ve been working with our colleagues at the European Blind Union and across Europe to ensure that the future European Directive on accessibility of public websites makes a real difference for blind and partially sighted people in the UK.

  • Making web content accessible


    We want all apps and websites to be accessible. To make this a reality we’ve been working with European Blind Union, and Members of the European Parliament, to strengthen EU law in this area.

  • We want the EU to act


    Two and a half years ago the EU agreed that blind and partially sighted people should be able to get books in accessible formats. However, sadly we have received no signs to date that the UK has any sense of urgency about the matter.

  • Envision campaigner meets North West MEP


    Envision member, Alba de Toro Nozal met with North West MEP, Afzal Khan in Manchester on 19 June to talk about accessible apps and everyday goods.

  • A car crash waiting to happen?


    Electric and hybrid cars present a real risk to blind and partially sighted people. That's why we're working with the UN to ensure that their global regulation on these silent vehicles meet our concerns.

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