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  • "Why has your mummy got that stick?"


    A new series of films aims to help people understand different sight conditions.

  • “Acting more blind than we are”


    Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve exaggerated your eye condition? A blind YouTuber from the US addresses this topic and shares his experience in a recent video.

  • Photo of people sitting down on a plane

    Simple solutions to make air travel more accessible


    Molly Watt, an accessibility blogger, talks about easy changes airlines can do to make travelling by plane more accessible for people with sensory impairment and other disabilities.

  • Photo of a red UK post box in front of a brick wall

    Awkward but funny sight loss moments


    You may have seen English TV presenter Richard Osman’s recent Tweet about his amusing encounter. It went: “One of the upsides of being visually impaired is that today I saw a beautiful cat sitting on a low fence, and, when I crossed the road to stroke it, I discovered it was the handlebars of a bicycle.” Well we’ve brought together some of the best replies that you may relate to…

  • Image shows Meagan smiling and sat on a sofa

    If a blind person could do it…


    Meagan Houle, author of the blog Where’s Your Dog?, talks about an infuriating and patronising line often used by sighted people: “If a blind person can do it, what’s your excuse?”

  • An elderly couple holding hands

    Sight loss: What’s love got to do with it?


    Daisy and Mervin, both in their 90s, are childhood sweethearts. Daisy was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 38. Last year, she lost her sight completely. They share how their love for one-another has helped them cope with sight loss together.

  • Fred and Etta: honoured for charity work


    Last year, the University of Warwick b​estowed Fred and Etta Reid a joint honorary degree, for their services to the blind and partially sighted community.

  • Photo of John sitting in the pilot's seat

    Learning to fly at 82


    John Allison had been dreaming of learning to fly since he was 12 years old, but there was always something stopping him. Now, aged 82 and with deteriorating vision, he thought it was time he took the plunge and shared his story with Connect.

  • Photo of Leah in a garden

    Having sight loss but without a condition


    Leah Caplan took part in RNIB’s How I See campaign which shows how people's experience of sight loss can vary greatly. Here, Leah highlights her rare situation.

  • Illustration of a pile of books

    How to start writing a short story


    Need inspiration to start writing your 2018 writing competition entry? George Saunders, 2017 Booker Prize winner and A C Hart, a winner of RNIB’s 2016 writing competition, share their tips.

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