How we can help

We offer a wide range of services and support for people of all ages living in Scotland with sight loss.

Below are some of the main services we offer:

Benefits helpline

Living with sight loss can involve a lot of extra expense. If you live in Edinburgh and the Lothians, we can advise you on all types of benefits enquiries. Please call 0131 652 3140 or email

Our Advice Plus service also offers benefit and entitlements advice to blind and partially sighted people of working age (16-64) who live in Edinburgh, Forth Valley and Ayrshire. Contact 0131 652 3140 or email

Education and Family Services

RNIB Scotland's Education and Family Services works with children and their families from the point of diagnosis, on through the young person's school, college and university education. They also support our Haggeye youth forum.


We support blind and partially sighted people to find and retain employment, and employers to recruit people with sight loss.

Self Directed Support

Instead of your local social work department providing or arranging services for you, Self Directed Support allows you to arrange services for yourself, choosing what to buy and how much to spend. It puts you in control.

Social work

We provide a range of social work and other support services for people with sight loss living in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We also offer social work services for people with sight loss and a learning disability across the UK.

Resource Centre

Our resource centre has a large selection of special equipment and aids to daily living for people with sight problems including; aids to magnification, specialist lighting, talking watches and clocks, and information on different eye conditions to help you understand your diagnosis. 

Vision Support Service

We offer practical and emotional support through our Vision Support Service to help people come to terms with sight loss in different parts of Scotland.

Access consultancy services

RNIB Access Consultancy Services help improve access to buildings, streets, transport, signage, tactile images and maps, way-finding, products, websites and information.

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