Doctors raise treatment concerns

Ophthalmologists have raised concerns over patient care after being alerted that Moorfields Pharmaceuticals is "struggling to provide specific eye treatments."

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCopth) and UK Ophthalmic Pharmacists Group were alerted by the organisation.

In a statement on its website, RCopth said that there is a "concern that this will affect patient care as it (Moorfields Pharmaceuticals) is the sole supplier of a few specific treatments for corneal disorders."

Moorfields Pharmaceuticals said it has restricted production of unlicensed medicines, at its North London manufacturing facility, following a review that identified improvements needed to be made.

Unlicensed medicines, sometimes called specials, are produced for some patients that have special clinical needs that cannot be met by licensed medicinal products. Its licensed products are unaffected and are available.

“We are extremely disappointed that we cannot manufacture product from our North London facility, but of course patient safety is our absolute priority and we are committed to effecting these improvements in a timely yet robust way,” a statement from the company said.

In the interim, it plans to "facilitate the continued supply of product from other sources to ensure that patient need can still be met."

It is asking for ophthalmologists to advise it on the products for which there is the greatest clinical need.

Professionals needing to contact Moorfields Pharmaceuticals to discuss specific requirements can call them on 020 7684 9090 (option1) or email [email protected].

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