Audio CD service

A wide range of newspapers and magazines is available on audio CD, offering easy navigation, improved playback quality, plus you get to keep them!

Our team of volunteers record our titles and their friendly voices are further enhanced on quality CD recordings, allowing you to listen to titles at the touch of a button. Prices start from £11 per year (less than £1 per month) for monthly titles or £21 per year (40p per week) for weekly titles. Our list of titles available on CD includes the synopsis of each magazine, helping you to choose your favourite.

On each CD you will find selected highlights including the best articles and features from each magazine or newspaper. Each CD contains approximately 80 minutes of recording in digital sound quality. Sent to your home, you keep the CD to read at your leisure. All titles are on the one CD unless otherwise stated. If you would like the full content of your favourite newspaper or magazine then talk to us about our Online Service

What equipment do I need?

Audio CD titles will play on any standard domestic CD player. They can also be played using certain RNIB talking book machines as well as DVD players and computer CD drives.

Need help with technology and gadgets?

Our team of volunteers can set up, fix problems and help you use your technology and gadgets.

Contact our Technology Support Squad