Newspapers and magazines by genre A to Z

What titles are available?

Genres A to D:

  • Animals and pets
  • Art, culture and literary
  • Business, finance and professional
  • Computers and technology
  • Consumer
  • Countryside and wildlife
  • Current affairs

Genres E to J:

  • Food and drink
  • Gardening
  • Health and fitness
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Home decorating

Genres K to R:

  • Lifestyle - Men
  • Lifestyle - Women
  • Local and Regional Interest (including local newspapers)
  • Motoring
  • Music and entertainment
  • Newspapers
  • Religion and beliefs
  • Retirement

Genres S to Z:

  • Science and nature
  • Sport
  • Travel and the world
  • TV and radio

The listing below includes a three digit CD/USB Publication Number, the title, price for an annual subscription and frequency, as well as a brief synopsis to help you choose the right title for you. If the title is also available on the full text download service, this is noted in brackets.

Animals and Pets

209 Cat World £11.00 Monthly

Catworld is the cat breeders and cat lovers ultimate guide to everything feline. Covers everything you need to know about breeds, kittens, habits, behaviour, health and care with a few jokes and stories thrown in for good measure! An all-rounder for all ages, as long as you love cats, you couldn't ask for anything better!

139 Dogs Monthly £11.00 Monthly

Dogs Monthly magazine, contains articles on the history, background and politics of dogs as pets with a range of features on products, ownership, lifestyle, care and training.

217 Dogs Today £11.00 Monthly

Dogs Today Magazine is a magazine containing information, news, features and advice on choosing the correct breed of dog.

Art, Culture and Literary

253 Apollo £11.00 Monthly

Glamorous as well as authoritative in its coverage of the visual arts, Apollo is unlike any other magazine in the world, sharply written and always topical. Essential reading for everybody who enjoys painting, sculpture, the decorative arts, photography, architecture and interiors.

240 Current Archaeology £11.00 Monthly

Current Archaeology is devoted to British archaeology excavations and it covers all periods. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the amateur and the professional in archaeology. Most of the articles are written by the archaeologists involved, and are then edited to ensure it is accessible to all. We tell you the stories; why the excavators were there; how they made their discoveries; what they found - and what it all means.

158 Discover Britain (formerly known as Heritage) £7.00 Bi-Monthly

A journey through Britain's rich past and historic present. Find out more about Britain's fascinating history and countryside with romantic tales of kings and queens, cottages and castles, heroes and villains. Delight in glorious colour photography every issue and learn more about the events and people who shaped our island nation.

120 Evergreen £7.00 Quarterly

Evergreen is a smaller sized magazine celebrating Britain's history and culture with fascinating articles and poetry and unrivalled sympathy to "times gone by". A quarterly magazine with a certain "folky" angle that is popular throughout the world, from the same stable as This England.

252 Literature Review £11.00 Monthly

Lively and intelligent literary magazine for people who love reading but hate academic and intellectual jargon. Authors review the best and most exciting selection of current writing.

245 London Review Of Books £16.00 Fortnightly

Alan Bennett calls it 'the liveliest, most serious and most radical literary magazine we have'. 80,000 readers worldwide agree. Literature, politics, history, philosophy and the arts: the UK's most read literary magazine brings you the essay at its finest.

123 Majesty £11.00 Monthly

Majesty gives its readers a colourful insight into the privileged lives of the royal families of the world. Personalities, lifestyles and fashion are all captured in exciting features and stunning photographs. Majesty records all the important royal engagements and takes an in-depth look at the dramatic history of Britain's monarchs.

115 Reader's Digest £16.00 Monthly Double Issue (full text download available)

Live better, feel good and save money. True-life tales of courage, interviews with extraordinary people, in-depth investigations, expert lifestyle advice and words of wit and wisdom - you'll be entertained, informed and inspired by Reader's Digest Magazine.

537 Slightly Foxed £11.00 Monthly (full text download available)

Slightly Foxed is a rather unusual kind of book review, informal and independent-minded, and its readers tend to be independent-minded too - people who don't want to read only what the big publishers are hyping and the newspapers are reviewing. Contains personal recommendations for books of lasting interest, old and new, both fiction and non-fiction - books that have inspired, amused, and sometimes even changed the lives of the people who write about them.

145 Times Literary Supplement £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

The TLS is the world's leading literary weekly. It sets the standard for literary and cultural criticism, enhancing your understanding of the world of books and ideas. Each issue is a scintillating blend of book reviews, cultural commentary, poems, arts criticism and letters, plus occasional short fiction.

548 World Archaeology £7.00 Bi-Monthly

Sister publication of Current Archaeology, World Archaeology is devoted to archaeology that covers the world from the first emergence of man down to yesterday. Focuses particularly on Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Near East, and Greece and Rome, although the whole world is covered. Aimed at amateurs as well as professional archaeologists, with visits to digs, talking to the excavators, and reviewing literature.

511 Writing Magazine £11.00 Monthly

Writing magazine, aimed at writers of all abilities with an unrivalled team of columnists - including novelists, poets, journalists and publishers - covering every genre. With great tips on short story development as well.

Business and Finance

144 Investors Chronicle £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

Gain expert advice, valuable tips and ideas on how to make the most of your investments with Investors Chronicle. The UK's leading magazine for private investors. Published by the Financial Times Limited it provides independent analysis of companies and shares and provides ideas to help make profits, whatever the trading conditions.

130 Money Observer £11.00 Monthly

Money Observer is a magazine focusing on all aspects of investments, personal finance and money matters. In finance, experience is invaluable. Money Observer have been helping readers with their finances since 1979.

286 Moneyweek £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

Money Week is a magazine containing a digest of financial and investment news taken from the British and foreign media, newsletters and websites. Money week is the UK's bestselling financial magazine and contains vital tips, insight and advice gleaned from some of the biggest names in the City - information most private investors never get to see.

201 Moneywise £11.00 Monthly (full text download available)

Whether you have debts to pay, are looking for a mortgage or want to save for the future, the right advice can save you thousands. Moneywise is Britain's best selling personal finance magazine, dedicated to presenting financial information in an accessible jargon-free manner and providing tips and advice to let you take control of your money.

Computers and Technology

291 Computer Active £16.00 Fortnightly

Computer Active is packed with essential, easy-to-follow advice, topical features, workshops, product buying guides, consumer help, PC troubleshooting and more. Written and put together in an award winning, no nonsense, plain English style, you can't go wrong with the nation's favourite fortnightly computer lifestyle publication.


171 WHICH? £16.00 Monthly Double Issue (full text download available)

Which? magazine is your indispensable guide to daily life as a consumer. Includes comprehensive reports on our extensive tests, featuring hundreds of products and services from dishwashers to digital radios, in each issue. Quick reference guides on Best Buys and Don't Buys are easy to identify.

Countryside and Wildlife

153 BBC Wildlife £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

BBC Wildlife Magazine is simply a must have for those who care about the natural environment. Every month it provides unrivalled access to the natural world, providing a wealth of well-written, thought-provoking articles.

174 Countryman £11.00 Monthly

Countryman has been embracing all that's important in the British countryside for more than 75 years. It is a lively and independent voice debating the future of rural Britain. It celebrates the people, landscapes, traditions and wildlife that make Britain so special.

147 Country Life £21.00 Weekly

Country Life magazine is the definitive expression of the British way of life since 1897. Country Life covers architecture, the arts, gardens and gardening, the countryside, field-sports and wildlife. Described as 'that most quintessentially English of magazines', Country Life is a must for the discerning reader.

202 Country Living £11.00 Monthly

Whether you live in the town or countryside, in Country Living you'll find a wealth of ideas for your home and garden. Learn about traditional crafts, keep informed of rural issues, enjoy irresistible dishes using seasonal produce and, above all, escape the stress and strain of modern-day life. It provides inspiration and practical advice for those who garden and/or cook. It allows readers to keep abreast of rural affairs and people's lives in the countryside by providing up-to-date information.

501 Country Walking £11.00 Monthly

Country Walking magazine is packed with the inspiration and information to get the very best from walks with great writing, brilliant advice and expert gear tests.

121 Farmers Weekly £21.00 Weekly

Farmers Weekly serves the whole farming industry. Packed with news and views about the business of farming, every week includes topical technical information from independent experts designed to help farmers manage their businesses more effectively. Farmers Weekly is the UK's biggest farming market place.

203 The Field £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

The Field is the world's original country and fieldsports magazine. Since 1853, our writers and readers have defined the British country sports tradition. And if you love gameshooting, flyfishing, hunting, dogs and the land, then The Field is the magazine choice for you.

173 This England £11.00 Quarterly Double Issue

This England is a quarterly magazine for those who love England's green and pleasant land. It's really all very British, old chap, and we love it. Topics include stately homes, seaside resorts, English literary landscapes as well as then and now comparisons of English roads, railways or famous towns.

Current Affairs

550 Economist including Business and Finance £31.00 Weekly (full text download available)

For an independent and challenging approach, The Economist makes stimulating reading. It analyses and discusses important topics in perceptive and sometimes controversial articles. From politics and business, to technology and the arts, it provides extensive coverage of global issues every week.

134 New Statesman £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

The New Statesman's team of award-winning writers and guest contributors report on and analyse the defining issues of our time. An unrivalled weekly insight into the political, social and cultural ideas and events that shape our world.

137 Private Eye £16.00 Fortnightly

Private Eye is a magazine covering UK political satire, investigative journalism, gossip and jokes, plus business news. A mixture of political and current affairs laced with wicked cartoon humour and the uncovering of supposed wrongdoer's activities. The Eye is a classic British magazine that's popularity shows no signs of waning.

133 Spectator £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

A weekly delight for anyone who loves good writing, contentious opinions and hard-hitting comment, The Spectator is incisive, informative and irreverent on a whole range of subjects from politics to the arts. You'll read regular columnists who provoke, amuse and infuriate and editorial features of incredible breadth and depth.

273 The Week £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

The Week is a unique digest bringing together the best of the British and foreign press. In just 35 succinct pages, it provides you with everything you need and want to know about world events. What's more it's a joy to read, keeping you informed as well as entertained.

141 Time £21.00 Weekly

TIME Magazine is one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in the worlds of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment.

Food and Drink

191 BBC Good Food £11.00 Monthly (full text download available)

Every issue is packed with foolproof recipes and practical ideas for every meal occasion. BBC Good Food also provides good advice and menus from top celebrity chefs and caters to all levels of cook from beginner to professional.

205 Decanter £11.00 Monthly

Decanter is the 'wine bible' - the world's number one wine and spirit magazine. Read by serious experts and enthusiasts alike - all of whom appreciate the varied editorial based on news, updates, regional profiles, buying guides and informed features. If your passionate about wine it's the magazine for you.

516 Delicious £11.00 Monthly

Whether you are passionate about cooking and entertaining, or simply love food, Delicious is the magazine for you. Every month it's packed with mouth-watering recipes, menus from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, tasty mid-week suppers, great children's meal ideas and the latest foodie news.


114 Amateur Gardening £21.00 Weekly

Gardening weekly with a mix of practical hints and tips, topical news and features. Amateur Gardening's big-name writers include Charlie Dimmock, Chris Beardshaw, Pippa Greenwood, Monty Don, Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank and Peter Seabrook

172 BBC Gardeners World £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

As well as fresh ideas and inspiration, you'll find heaps of practical advice in every issue and tips on exactly what needs doing each month. You'll also find solutions to all your gardening problems with the help of our experts as well as ideas from all your TV favourites.

196 Garden Answers £11.00 Monthly

Garden Answers is written by real gardeners, providing solutions to an audience who are truly passionate about their garden. Garden Answers is not only practical, it aims to inspire, encourage and help you to garden.

178 Gardening Which £11.00 Monthly

Pick the best plants, products and services without having to do all the groundwork.

223 The English Garden £11.00 Monthly

Overflowing with beautiful gardens from the length and breadth of the land - from traditional to modern and from tiny plots to rolling acres. Whether your first love is spring flowers, the heady perfume of roses on a summer's afternoon, the myriad colours of an autumn border, or even the structural beauty of winter, you will find it all in The English Garden magazine.

364 The Garden (RHS) £11.00 Monthly

The Garden contains a mouth-watering selection of exciting features to interest all Royal Horticultural Society members, whatever their gardening interest. The Garden also brings you all the latest news and developments from the RHS, such as shows, trials and other research activities, developments in the four RHS gardens and other aspects of the charitable work of the RHS.

228 The Kitchen Garden £11.00 Monthly

Kitchen Garden is for gardeners who love to grow their own fruit and vegetables, whether this is on the allotment, vegetable patch or simply with a few pots on the patio. Written by a team of experts, all keen growers themselves, Kitchen Garden brings you a wealth of topical advice on all your favourite home-grown produce.

Health and Fitness

204 Top Santé £11.00 Monthly

Top Santé is packed with inspirational features to help you feel, look and live your best. All the latest health news and breakthroughs, plus great high street fashion to make the best of your shape, as well as top tips for losing weight and getting fit.

512 Yoga and Health £11.00 Monthly

Yoga and Health is a magazine with advice for yoga amateurs as well as teachers.

Hobbies and Pastimes

285 Aeroplane £11.00 Monthly

Aeroplane is at the heart of the historic aircraft enthusiast community. This lively and authoritative magazine features aviation history, preservation, nostalgia and personal recollections from pilots and ground crew Aeroplane will appeal to enthusiasts of all ages, hungry for information to feed a passion for the "golden age" of flying.

290 BBC History Magazine £11.00 Monthly (full text download available)

BBC History Magazine is rich and resonant, entertaining and informative. In each issue leading historians offer fresh insights into every era from the archaeology of the ancient world to the background to today's current affairs.

295 Family Tree Magazine £11.00 Monthly

Family and genealogy publication with articles on sources, indexes, family names and interest name listing.

251 History Today £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Follow an essential signpost to the present from the past with History Today, the magazine that spans the ages. Every issue is a literary feast of well-written features and absorbing analysis.

162 Local History £7.00 Bi-Monthly (full text download available)

Local History provides access to exclusive reports and all the latest news, topical articles, extensive reviews of local history books and periodicals and details of local history associations and courses.

530 Old Glory £11.00 Monthly

Old Glory focuses on transport and industrial heritage evoking the sights and sounds of yesteryear with all types of steam engines, vintage tractors, transport and working heritage. Meet the preservationists who transform derelict machinery into jewels of living splendour - Old Glory is no history book - Old Glory is alive!

507 Sea Breezes £11.00 Monthly

Sea Breezes contains marine historical and technical data, reports on merchant and naval ships and seaman and the sea.

206 Steam Railway £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Steam Railway focuses on Railway preservation and is the ultimate celebration of the world of steam with exclusive news.

267 The Railway Magazine £11.00 Monthly

Ideal for the railway enthusiast, with all the news on old as well as modern railways.

514 Waterways World £11.00 Monthly

Waterways World is full of current waterways news and information, expert advice on boat buying, ownership, planning and fitting out, fascinating reports on the canals, heritage and modern cruising articles.

Home and Decorating

207 BBC Homes And Antiques £11.00 Monthly

If you love antiques and interiors, BBC Homes and Antiques can offer you the inspiration you're looking for. It's a celebration of craftsmanship, from beautifully styled real homes and the objects that decorate them, to the talented designer-makers creating the antiques of the future as well as expert advice.

Lifestyle - Men

126 Esquire/Men's Health £11.00 Monthly

Esquire is the sharper read for men. For the very best celebrity features and interviews, fashion, sport, thought-provoking writing.

Lifestyle - Women

239 Bella £21.00 Weekly

Bella's women's magazine, combining practical issues and fascinating, insightful real-life stories to deliver contemporary content reflecting women today.

148 Chat £21.00 Weekly

Chat is a slice of life. A gossipy, racy, naughty-but-nice slice of life. And an open, honest, poignant read for good measure.

124 Cosmopolitan £11.00 Monthly

For fun, fearless females, Cosmo's got the lot! It's funny, feisty, honest, passionate, sexy, glamorous, challenging and confident. Every month it will make you laugh out loud (and occasionally cry), boost your confidence, feel and look fantastic, help you make decisions that really matter - and get you out there ready to be the best you can be in everything you do.

194 Good Housekeeping £11.00 Monthly

Good Housekeeping helps thousands of women look good, feel good and make better choices about the things that matter most to them. Includes great new features, stunning fashion and fresh new contributors alongside trusted consumer advice, clever tips and ideas along with our delicious Tried and Tested, health and budget-conscious recipes.

199 Hello £21.00 Weekly

All the best celebrity news and interviews and is the original glossy weekly. Features stories on royalty, supermodels, Hollywood stars and all the A-List. HELLO! is the magazine that celebrities trust.

219 Marie Claire £11.00 Monthly

Marie Claire is the must-have read for smart-thinking women with an insatiable thirst for information. Whether it's a little gossip, current affairs or fashion news, we strive to satisfy your curiosity every month with the most comprehensive read money can buy.

233 My Weekly £21.00 Weekly

Relaxing fiction, inspirational real life stories, fashion, health, emotional advice, lifestyle guides and food news. My Weekly magazine is designed for today's active mature woman.

237 OK Magazine £21.00 Weekly

OK! magazine - the home of celebrity news, packed with the biggest stories, exclusives, and the hottest stars from the world of showbiz. Whether it's TV, celebrity weddings, babies, fashion, break ups or make-ups, we bring you the truth about stars.

260 People's Friend £21.00 Weekly

Containing a wealth of short stories and longer serials alongside features on topics such as gardening, cookery, travel and nostalgia. People's Friend provides a little escapism from everyday life.

152 Prima £11.00 Monthly

Advice on how to look and feel your best, time and money saving solutions, quick and easy food, beautiful homes and gardens, and above all everything you need to get the most out of life. Prima addresses the emotional needs of everyday women, covering issues relevant to every life stage, through shared experiences and real life inspiration and advice. Its tone is supportive, warm, helpful and fun, with a positive approach to life and a modern point of view.

225 Take A Break £21.00 Weekly

A women's weekly magazine which covers readers' real life stories interspersed with features covering cookery, beauty, travel and competitions.

183 The Lady £21.00 Weekly

The Lady features articles on gardening, fashion, travel, art and beauty; combined with fascinating features, and the widest range of holidays every week. The Lady is the weekly magazine of choice for many, to be found on many manor house hall tables.

116 Woman £21.00 Weekly

A bright, charismatic and entertaining read for the busy 30 and 40-something, modern family woman. It covers everything relevant to her everyday life; topical celebrity news, through-provoking real-life stories, easy health and diet recommendations, smart shopping advice, wearable fashion, confidence-boosting beauty, and easy home, food and lifestyle tips.

156 Woman & Home £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Woman & Home magazine brings you everything for the way you live. It's packed full of fashion you'll love to wear, beauty to make you look glamorous; exercise and wellbeing to help you feel great inside and out; fabulous food, exciting travel, new directions and career tips, beautiful home ideas and much, much more.

112 Woman's Own £21.00 Weekly

First published in 1932, Womans Own is a women's weekly fashion magazine, which gives you time out for yourself, focusing on self, fashion, diet and consumer advice.

129 Woman's Weekly £21.00 Weekly

The 'family first' Woman's Weekly magazine offers advice on everyday life, relationships, health, wellbeing, home, cookery, fashion, beauty features, fiction, consumer affairs and human interest features.

Local and Regional Interest (including Local Newspapers)

193 The Scots Magazine £11.00 Monthly

If you love Scotland you will love Scots. Scots magazine is the only magazine aimed specifically at people of Scottish descent - based overseas. Each quarter Scots delivers the finest writing on Scotland explaining the magical castles, lochs and glens, rich heritage of the clans and families of Scotland.


169 Auto Express £21.00 Weekly

Britain's biggest car news weekly is packed with the latest news, reviews, test drives.

220 BBC Top Gear Magazine £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Every issue of Top Gear Magazine is packed with information on the latest cars, entertaining reviews on the fastest supercars, equipment and gadgets, plus Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson's final word on all things motoring.

188 Car £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

We'll take you to exotic destinations in the most sensational motors, or parachute you into group tests of key new models. UK CAR Magazine delivers true insight on upcoming cars, sensational scoops and the inside story on the design trends, technology and issues.

502 Classic Bus £7.00 Bi-Monthly

Classic Bus is essential reading for anyone wanting to keep alive the sights and sounds of buses and coaches from years gone by. Packed with informative and entertaining articles, each issue features historical articles on vehicles and operators from days gone by, great British bus routes, and looks at the careers of senior busmen who shaped the industry into what it is today.

299 F1 Racing £11.00 Monthly

F1 Racing gets right under the skin of the Formula One with no-nonsense writing, controversial columnists, and unique behind-the-scenes access to drivers, teams and power-brokers.

510 Practical Classics £11.00 Monthly

Practical Classics offers a wealth of information about buying, restoring and enjoying older cars. Step-by-step workshop guides, technical advice, and spotlights both popular and unusual classics.

Music and Entertainment

208 BBC Music Magazine £16.00 Monthly Double Issue (full text download available)

Classical music connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike will enjoy the features and reviews of over 100 new CDs each month in BBC Music Magazine.

234 Classic FM £11.00 Monthly

Classic FM magazine brings you the biggest stories, your favourite stars, fascinating interviews and in-depth reviews of 100 of the month's best new CDs, DVDs and books - enhancing your musical knowledge and enjoyment.

146 Classical Music £16.00 Fortnightly

Classical Music is the authoritative voice of the classical music profession, offering a behind-the-scenes approach to a fast changing industry. Encounter the biggest movers and shakers in the business and read their expert views on the latest news and developments - as they happen.

184 Empire £11.00 Monthly

Number-one movie magazine packed with reviews, features, news, interviews and insider knowledge. Ideal for any movie fan.

259 Gramophone £16.00 Monthly Double Issue (full text download available)

Gramophone Music magazine covers reviews of classical CDs, videos as well as audio equipment and interviews with leading members of the genre.

110 Mojo £11.00 Monthly

Designed for those who truly love music, every month Mojo provides exclusive encounters with music's greatest icons, whilst celebrating tomorrow's stars today.

230 Opera Now £7.00 Bi-Monthly

Unique and all-encompassing perspectives on the international opera scene, through it's lively and colourful mix of news, reviews, interviews, travel articles and commentary. Read about new productions, festivals, performance reviews, world premieres, as well as reviews of all the latest opera CDs, DVDs, books, websites and films.

243 What Hi Fi? £11.00 Monthly

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning home entertainment products. Comprehensive tests help you buy the very best for your money, with our advice sections giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your music and movies.


117 Daily Mail Digest £21.00 Weekly

284 Express Digest £21.00 Weekly

132 Financial Times £21.00 Weekly

113 Guardian Digest £21.00 Weekly

551 Guardian Digest With Guardian Review £31.00 Weekly Double Issue

504 Guardian Review £21.00 Weekly - Can be ordered with Guardian Digest £31 weekly for a double issue

143 Independent Digest £21.00 Weekly

164 Independent On Sunday £21.00 Weekly

102 Mail On Sunday £21.00 Weekly

135 Mirror Digest £21.00 Weekly

517 Morning Star Digest £21.00 Weekly

104 Observer £21.00 Weekly

519 Sun Digest £21.00 Weekly

103 Sunday Express £21.00 Weekly

101 Sunday Mirror £21.00 Weekly

270 Sunday Post £21.00 Weekly

105 Sunday Telegraph £21.00 Weekly

106 Sunday Times £21.00 Weekly

108 Telegraph Digest £21.00 Weekly

111 Times Digest £21.00 Weekly

165 Weekly News £21.00 Weekly

Professional section

250 Flight International £11.00 Monthly

Keep up to date with everything happening in the world of aviation and aerospace with Flight International. Objective coverage of the latest news, products, aircraft and flight tests, plus detailed features and reference directories.

181 New Civil Engineer £16.00 Fortnightly

New Civil Engineer is the voice of civil engineering. It gives unrivalled insight into the planning, development and management of the built environment, providing comprehensive, yet readable, coverage of the key issues. Whether running a small company or managing a larger organisation, New Civil Engineer is a vital read.

522 Soldier £11.00 Monthly

The official magazine of the British Army, published for the UK armed forces by the Ministry of Defence. Soldier covers everything you need to know if you are in, or are thinking of joining, the army. Equipment detail, latest from overseas operations and political angles are all documented.

Religion and Beliefs

215 Christianity £11.00 Monthly

Leading interdenominational magazine for Christians providing news and articles for Christians and those interested in Christianity. Most of its readers are from the evangelical and/or charismatic traditions within the church, and although focused on a UK audience, they welcome subscribers from throughout the world. The magazine adheres to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith and tends to be in favour of charismatic Christianity.

195 Church Times £21.00 Weekly

Church Times Magazine is a magazine containing ecclesiastical features and news from the Church of England.

200 Inspire £7.00 Bi-Monthly

Inspire is designed to tell the good news stories of God at work changing individuals, churches and communities around the UK and across the world.

249 Psychic News £16.00 Fortnightly

Founded in 1932 as the independent voice of spiritualism with reports on psychic news, other paranormal, supernatural and new age topics.

149 Tablet £21.00 Weekly

The weekly for thinking Catholics... only it's also read avidly by people across the denominational spectrum. It must be the articles which cut through the preconceived perceptions to give you the real picture on social, political and religious concerns throughout the world.

179 Two Worlds £11.00 Monthly

Once a rival to Psychic News, it has recently joined forces with it and is a magazine for those interested in spirituality, and deals with the paranormal, spiritual healing and other religious matters.

535 Woman Alive £11.00 Monthly

Woman Alive is the UK's only national monthly women's magazine for Christian women. Inside every issue you'll find real life stories of women putting their faith into action and facing challenges, practical ideas to help you go deeper with God and to reach out to others, discussion of lifestyle issues from a Christian perspective, a good read with our book club and lots more.


118 Choice £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Choice magazine is aimed at a mature female readership. With pleasant stories, puzzles and lifestyle articles in each issue.

168 Saga £11.00 Monthly

Saga magazine is aimed at the over-50's. Featuring interesting celebrity interviews, juicy literary extracts, fascinating analysis on the way we live our lives and useful articles on money, health, gardening, travel, food and drink, the arts, current affairs, technology, fashion, beauty and more.

154 The Oldie £11.00 Monthly (full text download available)

At a time when most magazines consist of predictable articles by predictable people, The Oldie dares to give you something different. Every month it brings you great writers such as Mavis Nicholson, John Sweeney, Rosie Boycott, Ruth Rendell and Tom Stuttaford. As well as these and other equally famous and talented guests, there are contributions from people of whom you will not have heard.

119 Yours £16.00 Monthly (DAISY 601, 602)

Yours is packed with fascinating stories, news, celebrity interviews, puzzles, recipes and much more.

Science and Nature

231 Astronomy Now £11.00 Monthly

Astronomy Now Magazine contains news section, book reviews, beginners' guide and features on observing, cosmology, the history of astronomy and space science. Also includes 'Focus' section and an eight page pull-out on the night sky.

527 Ecologist £11.00 Monthly

Environment news, blogs and investigations on key environmental & climate change issues plus green living advice

269 Nature £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

Nature delivers more than coverage of the most important research across scientific disciplines. With breaking news, renowned editorial insight, and a 139-year-old tradition of debate, only Nature provides the most complete, up-to-date view available of our ever-changing scientific world.

163 New Scientist £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

New Scientist is essential reading for anyone with a passion for exploration and discovery. Every week includes the latest news, ideas and discoveries from every field of science and technology direct to your door.


265 Cycle Sport £11.00 Monthly

Cycle Sport is for fans of professional road racing. Comprehensive coverage of the world's leading pro events, top inside stories and big name interviews and is the leading authority on the international racing scene.

160 Golf Monthly/Golf World £11.00 Monthly

Golf Monthly is packed full of everything from star player interviews and advice from top coaches, to equipment reviews and advice on where to play and stay.

142 Racing Post Weekender £21.00 Weekly (full text download available)

157 The Wisden Cricketer £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Edited by John Stern, The Wisden Cricketer offers unrivalled cricket writing and comprehensive coverage each month. Regular contributors include Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Nasser Hussain, Angus Fraser, Scyld Berry, Peter Roebuck, Matthew Engel, Simon Wilde, and Vic Marks.

506 Rugby League World £11.00 Monthly

Rugby League's only monthly magazine, featuring the best writers in the sport.

125 Sailing Today/Yacht World/Yacht Monthly £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Monthly digest of all the latest sailing news providing the most authoritative, relevant and up to date information. Packed with in-depth reports and independent analysis.

542 Sport Weekly £21.00 Weekly

A general Sports magazine, assembled from various Sports articles from many National Newspapers. Contains information on football, cricket, tennis and many other sports.

282 When Saturday Comes £11.00 Monthly

Serious football magazine with a pronounced satirical edge. Targets fans who care about the game at all levels, with more focus on the lower divisions than any other soccer magazine. When Saturday Comes is a great 'grass roots' football magazine with stories and interviews from all areas of the country.

170 World Soccer £11.00 Monthly

World Soccer is the magazine for people who are serious about football. Inside, you'll find comprehensive coverage and intelligent analysis of the global game. Every month, a worldwide network of correspondents brings the latest news and stories on the events that matter. Subscribe to World Soccer and you'll join a special club that includes John Motson and Martin Tyler and you'll see why Reuters calls us ''the bible of international football''.

Travel and the World

186 Geographical £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Geographical is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. Keep up to date with the world, it's people and it's places through our news pages and topical features on nature and conservation. Explore far-flung cities, towns and villages. Meet their inhabitants and immerse yourself in their culture.

198 Which? Travel £7.00 Quarterly (full text download available)

Want to know the best tour operators to travel with, Best Buy insurance policies, and the airlines that give the best customer service? For practical travel advice and inspirational ideas, look no further than Which? Travel.

296 Living France Magazine £11.00 Monthly

Essential reading for anyone considering the move to France. Lists properties for sale and rent, as well as friendly and uncomplicated advice covering all aspects of living and working in France. Region by region guides help you choose the right region for you, tips from the experts and real-life stories from those who have made the move.

128 National Geographic £16.00 Monthly Double Issue

Explore the World's wonders in National Geographic, known around the world for its compelling articles that portray the beauty, mystery and harsh realities of life on earth.

TV and Radio

150 Inside Soap £21.00 Weekly

Britain's biggest, brightest and best-selling soap magazine. A must-read magazine for soap fans and soap stars alike. Find out what is going to happen before anyone in Inside Soap.

254 Radio Times Features £21.00 Weekly

Radio Times exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the business, behind-the-scenes specials giving fascinating insights into the nation's favourite programmes.

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