Getting the most from Talking Books

Here are our top tips for getting the most from Talking Books:

  1. As soon as you have read a book, send it back to us so that we can put another title in the post to you. You can borrow up to six books at a time.
  2. Keep your book list topped up with plenty of titles. Our Reader Services Team can provide friendly advice and themed book lists.
  3. Pick up tips and ideas about what to read in your free copy of Read On and New Books magazines.
  4. Use the library catalogue to search online for books by title, author, subject or narrator.
  5. If there is a particular book you would like to read and it isn't currently available, let us know so we can consider it for recording.
  6. If we are sending you books you don't like, contact our Reader Services Team. Don't suffer in silence.
  7. Share your enjoyment of books with others - find a reading group near you, join one of our telephone book clubs.
  8. If you are having problems with your player, ring the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 for advice.
  9. Check our website regularly for reading news and interesting articles about books

Enjoy your Talking Books!

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