RNIB National Library Service

RNIB National Library Service is the largest library in the UK for readers with sight loss.

We offer a wide choice of fiction and non-fiction books in audio, braille and giant print for adults and children. Whether you want to read for pleasure or learning, relaxation or inspiration, if you join the RNIB National Library Service we can help you discover a new world of accessible books and reading.

What we offer

When you join the RNIB Library Service you'll have access to:

  • an online library catalogue
  • a wide range of high quality unabridged audio books from our Talking Book collection, professionally read and recorded
  • a range of braille books including titles suitable for adult braille learners
  • giant print books in 24 point type allowing you to make the most of any remaining sight you may have
  • braille music scores, giant print sheet music, and audio tutorial CDs if you wish to learn to play an instrument by ear
  • a free bi-annual magazine, Read On, packed with book reviews, author interviews and library news
  • New Books, our free bi-monthly listing of all new titles available from the library
  • support from our Reader Services Team
  • Children's library service - support for young readers, parents and teachers
  • if you are interested in doing research or finding out about the history of sight loss Heritage Services can help.

Watch our video

Watch our video about the library to find out more.

RNIB National Library Service is the largest library in the UK for readers with sight loss.

Service options

  • Free readership - gives you access to a wide choice of books for children and adults in braille and giant print. You can also borrow braille and giant print sheet music.
  • Talking Book Service - in addition to our free library services above, a Talking Books subscription gives you access to over 21,000 RNIB Talking Books for adults and children. For current prices, more information and ways to subscribe, visit the Talking Books subscription page.
  • All readers receive support from our Reader Services Team. Plus our Read On magazine and New Books, our bi-monthly listing of new titles, in the format of your choice.

Join by post, email or phone

Fill out the application form:

Return it by post to:
PO Box 173

Alternatively, email it to library@rnib.org.uk

You can also subscribe over the phone by calling 0303 123 9999.

If you want to subscribe to the Talking Book Service, visit the Talking Books subscription page.

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