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We want to keep you updated with all of our school's latest policies, values and our social and Governance information at RNIB Pears Centre.

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School Governance

We are the governing body of RNIB Pears Centre School.  Governors are parents, staff and members of the community who have been elected or co-opted onto the governing body to lead the school at a strategic level, to support the senior leadership team in making decisions about priorities, and to monitor progress.

For more information about the role of the governing body download our School Governing Body Terms of Reference (Word, 2,080 KB).

Current Governors (autumn term 2016)

  • Professor Neil Harris (Chair)
  • Ms Emily Hopkins-Hayes (Head Teacher)
  • Mr Adrian Evans (Head of Education, RNIB)
  • Mrs Joan Baber
  • Mrs Prue Banks
  • Mr Martin Belcher
  • Mr Sean Byrne
  • Professor Alistair Fielder
  • Ms Sharon O’Leary
  • Dr Chris Nield
  • Mr Carl Underhill
  • Mrs Sheila Williams.

​If you would like to contact our chair of governors, Neil Harris, you can do so by writing to him care of the school, or by emailing and marking it for his attention.