I have lived at RNIB Community Living Service, Redhill since 1997

I have:

  • optic atrophy - a degeneration of the optic nerve fibres., which can lead to loss of clarity changes in the field of vision
  • congenital cataracts - a cloudiness in the lens of the eye, that I've had since birth, along with retinal detachment and a divergent squint of my left eye.
  • hydrocephalus -a condition in which fluid does not drain correctly from the brain

As well as this I have cerebral palsy which impairs control of my movement and I have a learning disability.

How RNIB Community Living Service, Redhill has helped

Despite all this, with the support of staff at RNIB, I have been able to develop my independence and can do things for myself that I didn't think I would be able to do - from making a simple drink to using my radio.

Now I can listen to music by myself

The team at Redhill helped me register for a free Concerto radio CD and tape player which I can use without any help from staff. I am so happy because I can listen to it when I want to and not worry about asking for support which feels great.

Trampolining expert

My mobility is good but I can only walk for short distances. In 2011, RNIB helped me to find a special exercise course called Rebound Therapy which offered support in core strength, balance and posture - all things that I had problems with.

I have been going to Rebound Therapy once a week ever since! In 2013, I was awarded the Winstrada aesthetic sports development grade one in trampolining, which I am very proud of. I am thankful to the staff who supported me to achieve this and I'm also really happy with the physical benefits of the therapy.

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