Videos from the Sensory Engagement Programme

Throughout the Sensory Engagement Programme (SEP) we have used music, drama and dance as powerful tools to let participants express themselves and build their confidence.

Sensonic focused on celebrating what our participants have achieved and capturing their spirit of creativity, particularly in the first ever UK City of Culture year.
We have captured the essence of the programme in a selection of videos from the SEP programme which are featured here.

Sensonic 2013

A celebration of culture from people with sensory loss, this event was held on 14 May at the Venue in Derry/Londonderry and formed part of the City of Culture celebrations in 2013. 

Sensonic video

Watch the Sensory Engagement Programme Sensonic video on YouTube


The Sensory Engagement Programme (SEP) has promoted active citizenship to end exclusion for people with sensory loss. Drama and dance have served as powerful tools for participants to express themselves.  The culmination of many months hard work was realised at The Playhouse theatre in Derry/L'Derry in July 2013 in the event, "Sensability". 

The performances narrated life experience, awareness raising topics and personal stories. It is believed that the event has pioneered the first fully accessible theatre performance with audio description, captioning and British sign language (BSL) and Irish sign language (ISL) interpreters. It is hoped that indeed this is the first of many to occur across Northern Ireland and beyond].

Sensory Engagement Programme Videos

You can watch videos of the performances on the Sensory Engagement Programme on our YouTube channel:

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