Meet Saheed Balogun, our first intern

Saheed Balogun has been an administration volunteer with RNIB for almost three years. His background is in Computer Science and his passion has always been ICT so we decided to offer him the opportunity to do an IT internship with RNIB to pilot our new programme.

Saheed shares his thoughts after his internship with us.

Why did you choose to do an internship with us?

“Doing an internship with a large organisation like the RNIB was an exciting and valuable experience. I worked with first hand professionals and experts in the IT field which improved my learning experience alongside professionalism and technical know-how. More so, the internship gave me a chance to apply the administrative skills, communication skills, teamwork, professional etiquette and work ethics gained when volunteering with the volunteering team and my academic knowledge coupled with professional training.”

What did you enjoy most about your role?

“I really enjoyed working with the security team, the accessibility team as well as the engineering team. My interest is in application testing and security but I equally enjoyed moving around the organisation when helping out the engineering team.”

How do you feel your internship has made a difference to the everyday lives of blind and partially sighted people?

“I am visually impaired myself and I decided to focus my final presentation on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as I believe that it would benefit RNIB so much. For a blind or partially sighted person using their own device can boost their confidence as they are already familiar with using it. It will increase their flexibility as they will be able to gain experience by working from home or by working out of hours and also, increase their productivity as studies have shown that people who work from home work more!”

What do you feel you have gained from doing an internship with us?

“I had a great time and it really increased my skills and helped me realise what career path I want to follow which is IT security and software testing.”

If you could sum your internship in one sentence, what would you say?

“A great opportunity to be able to achieve more than I was expecting!”

Do you feel that RNIB has helped you develop your skills?

“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!. RNIB has helped me a lot from developing my interpersonal skill, administrative skills, time management, attention to details, team work, communication skill etc.”