Skills and training

We support all our volunteers with training, and ensure that you're getting the most out of volunteering with us. From your induction onwards, we provide ongoing support that ensures you're gaining the right skills and knowledge to exceed in your role and beyond!

Our induction process

Once you've been matched with a role, we'll send you a welcome pack (this includes an understanding sight loss video), and invite you to take part in a telephone induction.This gives you the chance to find out what to expect when volunteering with us.

Your role will be explained to you fully when you start, and you'll be give you an induction into your role and introduced to anyone else who you might be volunteering with.

Training we provide

For some of our roles you may be offered additional training, you can also discuss additional training with your volunteer manager. You will have the opportunity to chat regularly with whoever is supporting you in your role. 

What sort of skills are we looking for?

We involve volunteers in all areas of our work, so there's likely to be a role where we could use your skills. We’re keen to welcome anyone with the following skills:

  • Administration
  • Campaigning
  • Event organisation
  • Fundraising
  • IT, technology and online experience
  • People with a passion for reading or radio
  • Project coordination
  • Those who are good with people
  • Good researching and information skills