Wear dots… raise lots

By holding a Wear dots... raise lots event this May you will be highlighting the impact of braille and helping us to support the hundreds of people in the UK that start to lose their sight every day.


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Highlighting the impact of braille!

100 people every day in the UK start losing their sight. It will change their life completely.

Braille is a unique system of raised dots that can be read by touch. Wear dots... raise lots this May to highligh the impact of braille and to help people in the UK living with sight loss.

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Child reading braille


Join Arielle Free of CITV's Scrambled and #WearDots this month to highlight the impact of braille!

I’m so pleased to support RNIB in raising awareness of braille through their ‘Wear dots… raise lots’ campaign. Join me in wearing dots this May and raising money to support a great cause. Let’s make this a fun month and don our dottiest outfits, bake our best dotty cakes, or organise a very dotty event to raise money to support the work of RNIB. There are lots of schools and uniform groups taking part across the UK, so be sure to get involved any way you can.

- Arielle Free


Jessica and Isabella think Wear dots... raise lots is a fabulous idea! 

Jessica and Isabella both use braille. Watch the video to see just how talented they are and get an idea of how you can set up a Wear dots... raise lots event for your class!