Highlighting the impact of braille

Child reading braille

Every day 100 people in the UK start losing their sight. It will change their life completely.

One of the ways we can help people adapt is through our transcriptions of books in to braille. Braille is a unique system of raised dots that can be read by touch.

Learning braille means that blind and partially sighted people can enjoy reading for life.

Highlighting braille and the life changing impact it can have on people's lives is what Wear dots... raise lots is all about. Join us this May!

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Joseph and Anna love reading!

Joseph and Anna get their books transcribed in to braille and large print. We want to make sure we can get more books transcribed for them so they don't have to miss out on the books all their friends are reading!

What is braille? 

When you lose your sight reading anything can become impossible - from a cash machine screen, labels on food and drink, all the way through to a favourite book. 

Braille is a reading method people who are blind or partially sighted can use to get access to the same information as everyone else.

It's a system of six raised dots, arranged in two columns of three dots just like a domino and designed to be read by fingers.

Why learn braille? 

Learning braille from a young age means that blind and partially sighted children can enjoy reading for life. It helps with literacy because it's a much better way to understand punctuation, grammar and spelling than audio. 

Child reading braille

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How Freddy uses braille

This short film shows a day in the life of eight year old Freddy. Take a look at how books in braille and audio make a massive difference to how he learns and reads for fun.  

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