Starting college

This section will make sure you know about important student stuff such as choosing the right college for you, financial support and your rights.

If your local college can't offer a course to suit your disability-related needs, you may consider applying to a residential or specialist college. Most of these colleges are independent and cater specifically for students with disabilities or learning difficulties.

Support at college

Find out about the type of support you can receive at college in our college support for students with sightloss pages.

Funding support

Colleges receive funding in order to provide reasonable adjustments and make sure learners with a disability or impairment have the support they require. Find out more in our funding at college pages.

Study advice

If you're blind or partially sighted, studying doesn't have to be a chore, but it takes organisation and a bit of forward planning to find out which study techniques work best for you. Visit our study advice page for more study tips and find out how you can access exam materials and libraries.!

Frequently asked questions

Search our most frequently asked questions to find the detailed answers you need about benefits, eye health, education, employment, travel and much more.

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