Products that can help with AMD

There are a range of products that can make living with AMD easier. We talk about the benefits of using the certain products to provide more comfort, and reduce the strain on your eyes.

Products that can help with AMD


Sunglasses help to reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes, which helps to reduce glare and light sensitivity. Tinted lenses can also improve contrast and make your eyes feel more comfortable


Good lighting can make a significant difference in helping you see. Using good lighting directed on tasks such as reading, writing and preparing food can make it easier to see. We have a range of desk lights that are suitable.


Magnifiers come in different strengths and types. They can be used for reading and doing other tasks such as sewing and watching television. When you have low vision, it is important to have an assessment done to find out what strength and magnifier would work for you. You can see examples of some of these magnifiers in our shop.


Using good contrast can make things easier to see. There are a variety of stationary products that can help with writing and reading, such as having bold lined paper and pens, and typoscope