‘Heart-warming’ Christmas gift from RNIB Cymru!

Post date: 
Friday, 23 December 2016

Not only are the staff at RNIB Cymru/Cardiff Institute for the Blind’s Offices in Womanby Street, Cardiff equipped with the skills to help and support people with sight loss, thanks to the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST) many of them are now also equipped to try and help save the lives of people who suffer a cardiac arrest on the premises.

Paramedic and Frequent Callers Project Manager for WAST Robin Petterson provided a half hour training session this week on the use of a defibrillator and then presented RNIB Cymru with a defibrillator which is now in place in the building:

“It’s fantastic that RNIB Cymru have decided to install a defibrillator and give their own staff, visitors to the building, and even the surrounding area if necessary, a chance of survival should the worse case scenario happen and someone suffers a cardiac arrest.

“Defibrillators are so easy to use, and in fact once the pads are placed on the patient they continuously analyse them and won’t allow a shock to be delivered unless the patient is in a condition that requires one.”

Ceri Jackson, Director RNIB Cymru added:

“We have several trained first-aiders in the building, but we are very happy to have been able to go that extra mile and possibly be in a position to save a life. We value our staff, supporters and visitors so it makes sense that we can be in a situation to possibly save them if they suffer a cardiac arrest.

“We are very grateful to the Welsh Ambulance Service, and to Robin in particular for their kind help and support. Thank you also to the staff here who have shown a sincere interest in the defibrillator training. But, as we all hope of course, it will be wonderful if we NEVER need to use it!

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our staff, supporters and visitors, and to staff of the Welsh Ambulance Service and other Emergency Services working this period.”

For further information please contact Bilingual Communications Manager [email protected]  029 2082 8563.