‘Yale’ is the key to unlock talking books!

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Stories can open up magical new worlds, allowing the reader to escape to far-away lands and meet colourful and exciting new characters, but for blind and partially sighted people, getting hold of the books they love or need for work or education can be really difficult.

For over 80 years, supported by clubs and other organisations, RNIB’s Talking Books service has helped create a lifeline to the outside world for blind and partially sighted people in the UK.

Amongst the supporters are Rotary Club of Wrexham Yale who are the first organisation in Wales in 2017 to sponsor a Child's Talking Book in Welsh to put into RNIB Talking Books Library.

‘Y Biliwnydd Bach’ (Billionaire Boy) by David Walliams, kindly sponsored by the club, will be available in accessible format for blind and partially sighted children in Wales in Welsh for the first time.

Wrexham Yale Rotary Club donated £1500 to sponsor the book and are donating another £1500 to also sponsor a book in English.

Andrew Fergus, President, Rotary Club of Wrexham Yale said:

"Wrexham Yale Rotary chooses a small number of good causes to support each year through fundraising activity and service projects.

“During the 2016/17 Rotary year, we have held a number of events in support of the RNIB's Talking Books initiative and are thrilled to have raised £3,000 to fund the recording of two children's books; one in English and one in Welsh as is befitting of our bilingual club."

RNIB Cymru Chairman John Ramm added:

"RNIB Cymru is very excited that the Rotary Club of Wrexham Yale has funded two children's talking books. These books will now be available for blind and partially sighted children to access in Welsh and English.

“Reading is an essential life skill and also an amazing gift to escape into new worlds and discover your imagination.

“RNIB Cymru believes that no child with sight loss should be denied this, and we are extremely grateful to Rotary Club of Wrexham Yale for helping to change the story."

RNIB Talking Book's library provides over 23,000 titles for free to blind and partially sighted people and children.

It costs £1500 to sponsor a child's talking book and £2500 to sponsor an adult's talking book. To find out more about sponsoring a talking book contact Carol McKinlay [email protected]  call 02920 828 590 or visit www.rnib.org.uk/sponsortalkingbooks